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In the movies, there's no better way for a guy to win a girl's heart than to show off his movies ... on the dance floor.

An American trailer for the British comedy "Cuban Fury" lays out the story of overweight slob Bruce (Nick Frost), who falls for his beautiful new boss (Rashida Jones). But will she ever give him the time of day?

"She's like a 10, I'm a two. It's like a butterfly going out with a parsnip," he moans to a friend.

But he finds a way to win her over when he learns she likes to salsa dance! And what do you know, Bruce used to be a teen salsa dance champion! Unfortunately, Bruce also has to contend with the office bully (Chris O'Dowd) in impressing her.

The trailer feels a bit formulaic -- underdog loser triumphs, ugly duckling becomes a swan, etc. -- but Frost and O'Dowd display some amusing chemistry.

"Cuban Fury" currently doesn't have a U.S. release date.

Cuban Fury
R 2014
Based on 21 critics

A former dance prodigy attempts a comeback 22 years after a bullying incident ruined his career. Read More

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