tammy unscriptedBlockbuster comedy veteran Melissa McCarthy ("The Heat," "Bridesmaids") is throwing her hat, once again, into the R-rated comedy ring -- and this time she's bringing Susan Sarandon along for the ride. Literally.

In "Tammy," the duo -- who play a grandmother and granddaughter -- embark on an epic road trip, stopping along the way to commit random acts of comedy. Also along for the ride is McCarthy's real-life husband, Ben Falcone (her inflight love interest in "Bridesmaids"), who assumes directing duties and co-wrote the screenplay with his wife. All three are sitting down for a sure-to-be-epic episode of Unscripted, which means we need plenty of questions from you.

You'll have until noon PT Thursday, June 19, to submit your questions. Leave them in the comments below, on Moviefone's Facebook page, or via Twitter using the hashtag #TammyUnscripted.

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