moviefone editors and writers

Tim Hayne

Prior to joining Moviefone as Editor-in-Chief, Tim Hayne was an editor at Beliefnet, the world's largest faith and spirituality website; deputy managing editor at PARADE Magazine's website,; and managing editor at, a leading TV and entertainment site.

Kelly Woo

Kelly Woo is an experienced editor and writer living in Brooklyn, New York. She attended Duke University and honed her journalism skills at the Raleigh News & Observer, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Newsday. After graduating, she moved into entertainment journalism at Entertainment Weekly, Moviefone, AOL Television and Wetpaint. Currently, she is a full-time freelance writer and editor with a soft spot for movies about making music (but not musicals).

Katie Roberts

Katie Roberts is a freelance writer, pop culture connoisseur, and western New York native currently based out of south-central Indiana (no, not Pawnee). She previously spent more than two years reporting for The Record newspaper in Troy, New York, and her work has also appeared in Indianapolis Monthly, Syracuse Woman Magazine, Making Music magazine, and International Musician.

Drew Taylor

Drew Taylor was just a regular Detroit cop until a run-in with vicious outlaws left his body beaten and his mind spent. Thanks to an experimental procedure underwritten by the Omni Consumer Products corporation, Drew was reborn, this time as a half-man, half-machine crime fighting force, emboldened by the new technology and freed of his human weaknesses. Oh wait. No. That's the plot of "RoboCop." Forgive me. Drew Taylor is actually an Features Editor, Critic and Columnist for The Playlist/Indiewire and a frequent contributor to Moviefone, NBC Universal, MTV, and the New School Free Press. He writes about movies a lot. Last week he saw a hawk.

Gary Susman

Gary Susman is an editor, writer, reporter, and critic. He is currently a blogger and columnist at Moviefone, Time, and Rolling Stone. His work continues to appear in Entertainment Weekly, where he spent nearly eight years as Senior Writer and helped launch and oversee the award-winning PopWatch blog. Other outlets have included Vanity Fair, MSNBC, People, the Village Voice, the Guardian, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the Boston Phoenix, to which he contributed for 24 years. He has been a member of the Boston Society of Film Critics since 1993. He is one of the authors of the 2011 book "LIFE 75 Years: The Very Best of LIFE."

Sharon Knolle

Sharon Knolle has been writing for Moviefone since 2009. She's also written for USA Today, TV Guide, Us Weekly, Forces of Geek, and LAist. Elijah Wood once cleaned her glasses at a movie premiere.