Allyssa Lee

Allyssa Lee

no strings attached stars natalie portman and ashton kutcher on snuggling and being freaky

'No Strings Attached' Stars Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher on Snuggling and Being Freaky

Oscar-nominated actress Natalie Portman is known for dramatic roles, like her intense, Golden Globe-winning... Read more

eat pray love how does the movie compare to the book

'Eat Pray Love': How Does the Movie Compare to the Book?

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT. If there was ever material that seems primed for a big-screen release, it's 'Eat... Read more

nia vardalos to celebrate mother s day on the big screen

Nia Vardalos to Celebrate 'Mother's Day' on the Big Screen

She's had her big fat Greek wedding, and now, she's going to reap the rewards of Mother's Day. Variety... Read more

famous movie pets from the faithful to the devious to the flat out adorable

Famous Movie Pets: From the Faithful to the Devious to the Flat-Out Adorable

As man's best friends and loyal companions, pets have had indelible parts in movies throughout the... Read more

bradley cooper before he was famous

Bradley Cooper: Before He Was Famous

Sure, everyone lays claim to him now. Men want to be him. Ladies want to be with him. And it seems as... Read more

get him to the greek movie reviews

'Get Him to the Greek' Movie Reviews

'Get Him to the Greek' is the latest feature to come out of the Judd Apatow-produced comedy machine.... Read more

imax and amc partner to open more theaters

IMAX and AMC Partner to Open More Theaters

It's a big show of confidence in the movie-going public: High-tech movie theater company IMAX and theater... Read more

prince of persia the sands of time movie reviews

'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time' Movie Reviews

A bronzed Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Prince Dastan in 'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time,' the latest... Read more

macgruber movie reviews

'MacGruber' Movie Reviews

Making lifesaving inventions out of household materials ... 'MacGruber!' The throwback parody of the... Read more

pirates of the caribbean 4 to be shot in 3 d

'Pirates of the Caribbean 4' to Be Shot in 3-D

Capt. Jack Sparrow and co. are adding a new dimension to their adventures. According to,... Read more

pictures at a revolution documentary in the works

'Pictures at a Revolution' Documentary in the Works

The 'Revolution' will be televised documented. Oscilloscope Laboratories and Specialty Films are teaming... Read more

famous movie locations the sideways tour santa ynez valley ca

Famous Movie Locations: The 'Sideways' Tour (Santa Ynez Valley, CA)

Based on the novel of the same name by Rex Pickett, 2004's 'Sideways' tells the story of two old friends... Read more

letters to juliet movie reviews

'Letters to Juliet' Movie Reviews

A classic Shakespeare story and a vibrant sun-kissed Italian countryside provide a picturesque backdrop... Read more

diary of a wimpy kid sequel to bow next march

'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' Sequel to Bow Next March

Will the wimps inherit the earth? Fox 2000 sure hopes so, as it has set a date for the second chapter... Read more

ifc unveils new midnight label

IFC Unveils New Midnight Label

Independent film champion IFC has always been about specialty films. But now it's officially affixed... Read more

alice in wonderland reaches number 10 in all time box office report

'Alice in Wonderland' Reaches Number 10 in All-Time Box Office: Report

Curiouser and curiouser! We all know that Alice slew the Jabberwocky in 'Alice in Wonderland.' But unbeknownst... Read more

coming soon little miss sunshine the musical

Coming Soon: 'Little Miss Sunshine' the Musical

'Legally Blonde' and 'The Addams Family' have already been told in song. So why not 'Little Miss Sunshine,'... Read more

the back up plan movie reviews

'The Back-up Plan' Movie Reviews

Jennifer Lopez makes a return to comedy in 'The Back-up Plan' as Zoe, a successful business woman-turned... Read more

kick ass movie reviews

'Kick-Ass' Movie Reviews

Can superheroes be made, not born? It's a question 'Kick-Ass' tackles head-on. Adapted from the comic... Read more

writer director tapped for man from u n c l e film adaptation

Writer, Director Tapped for 'Man From U.N.C.L.E.' Film Adaptation

Call it 'The Return of the Man From U.N.C.L.E.' part-deux. Warner Bros. has recruited scribe and relative... Read more