Annette Bourdeau

Annette Bourdeau

elysium the art of film companion book a film nerd s dream photos

'Elysium: The Art of Film' Companion Book: A Film Nerd's Dream (PHOTOS)

Sony Pictures Chances are pretty good that one viewing of 'Elysium' won't be enough to take in everything... Read more

female buddy comedy ideas more where the heat came from

Female Buddy Comedy Ideas: More Where 'The Heat' Came From

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock are each pretty amazing on their own. So just imagine how great... Read more

the bling ring living vicariously through movie characters

'The Bling Ring': Living Vicariously Through Movie Characters

Sometimes it's pretty fun to live vicariously through the characters we see on the big screen, especially... Read more

7 reasons we re excited about the internship

​7 Reasons We're Excited About 'The Internship'

A lot of people are looking forward to seeing 'The Internship' for a couple of key reasons: it's the... Read more

12 totally random predictions for 2012

12 Totally Random Predictions for 2012

I know what you're all thinking. Oh, great: more totally random predictions that will never actually... Read more

11 canadian movies and movie stars that made us happy in 2011

11 Canadian Movies -- and Movie Stars -- That Made Us Happy in 2011

Movie fans had much to be happy about in 2011. Mega-stars like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks and... Read more

2011 oscar bait the most obvious academy award suitors

2011 Oscar Bait: The Most Obvious Academy Award Suitors

Ah, mid-December -- a great time to catch quality flicks. As any movie buff knows, December is the... Read more

scarlett johansson without makeup in we bought a zoo and other de glammed actresses

Scarlett Johansson 'Without Makeup' in 'We Bought a Zoo,' and Other De-Glammed Actresses

It's hard to imagine glamor-puss starlet Scarlett Johansson picking up kangaroo crap, isn't it? After... Read more

bursting at the seams new year s eve and other movies with too many stars

Bursting at the Seams: 'New Year's Eve' and Other Movies With Too Many Stars

Sarah Jessica Parker. Ashton Kutcher. Halle Berry. Hilary Swank. Zac Efron. Robert De Niro. Jessica... Read more

charlize theron vs julia roberts as evil queens who wins

Charlize Theron vs. Julia Roberts as Evil Queens -- Who Wins?

Everyone's been buzzing about the two upcoming 'Snow White' flicks on the horizon, 'Snow White and... Read more

michael fassbender everyman chameleon sex symbol

Michael Fassbender: Everyman, Chameleon, Sex Symbol

That Michael Fassbender is quite the chameleon, isn't he? He's like a male Kate Winslet, seamlessly... Read more

bella and edward s breaking dawn mishap and other movie honeymoons gone awry

Bella and Edward's 'Breaking Dawn' Mishap, and Other Movie Honeymoons Gone Awry

ZOMG, Bella and Edward are getting married! Their love has overcome all obstacles, and these two crazy... Read more

it s 11 11 11 movies that made numbers and dates terrifying

It's 11-11-11: Movies That Made Numbers and Dates Terrifying

When you think about it, numbers are pretty darn scary. Remember how terrifying they were staring up... Read more

chaske spencer twilight wolfpack leader on taylor lautner getting fat and saying goodbye to twilight

Chaske Spencer, 'Twilight' Wolfpack Leader, on Taylor Lautner, Getting Fat and Saying Goodbye to 'Twilight'

Get ready to see 'Twilight' hunk Chaske Spencer in a completely new light -- everybody's favorite wolfpack... Read more

why we ll never get sick of harold and amp kumar

Why We'll Never Get Sick of 'Harold & Kumar'

Shortly after its 2004 release, 'Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle' became an enduring cult classic.... Read more

obsession du jour dragon tattoo poster craze and other amazing movie posters

Obsession du Jour: 'Dragon Tattoo' Poster Craze and Other Amazing Movie Posters

Have you seen the posters for David Fincher's adaptation of 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' yet?... Read more

malin akerman and tyler labine on cottage country killing family members and angry squirrels

Malin Akerman and Tyler Labine on 'Cottage Country,' Killing Family Members and Angry Squirrels

'Bad Teacher' scene-stealer Lucy Punch is shivering in the cold cottage country air as Daniel Petronijevic... Read more

elizabeth olsen and other stars who stepped out of their siblings shadows

Elizabeth Olsen and Other Stars Who Stepped Out of Their Siblings' Shadows

When Elizabeth Olsen started garnering buzz for her performance in 'Martha Marcy May Marlene,' a lot... Read more

legendary illustrator chris foss recalls his blowout with stanley kubrick and antics on alien set

Legendary Illustrator Chris Foss Recalls His Blowout With Stanley Kubrick and Antics on 'Alien' Set

Chris Foss has had the sort of career many young men would dream of. He has worked as a visual consultant... Read more

why staying loyal to the original movie might save footloose

Why Staying Loyal to the Original Movie Might Save 'Footloose'

Sometimes remakes are a good idea. Case in point: Baz Luhrmann's stylized 1996 take on 'Romeo + Juliet.'... Read more

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