Avaryl Halley

Avaryl Halley

moviefone mash the ultimate to be or not to be speech

Moviefone Mash: The Ultimate 'To Be or Not to Be' Speech

The Shakespearian drama 'Anonymous' comes out this weekend so Moviefone decided to put together a... Read more

moviefone mash cowboys and aliens video

Moviefone Mash: Cowboys and Aliens (VIDEO)

Cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, Michael Bay and explosions -- all of these things go hand... Read more

moviefone mash bad teachers video

Moviefone Mash: Bad Teachers (VIDEO)

'Bad Teacher' comes out today and as a tribute, we here at Moviefone have put together a mash-up... Read more

moviefone mash pirates argghhh video

Moviefone Mash: Pirates ARGGHHH! (VIDEO)

'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' comes out this weekend, marking the fourth installment... Read more

moviefone mash wedding mishaps video

Moviefone Mash: Wedding Mishaps (VIDEO)

No matter where we turn, pop culture is being taken over by weddings. Just when we thought all the... Read more

get ready for scream 4 with every death in the scream franchise

Get Ready for 'Scream 4' With Every Death in the 'Scream' Franchise

'Scream 4' comes out this Friday and since it's been over a decade since the last installment, we here... Read more

moviefone mash is this the most overused classical song in movies video

Moviefone Mash: Is This The Most Overused Classical Song in Movies? (VIDEO)

There are plenty of classical music cliches in movie history, but perhaps none catchier or featured... Read more

moviefone mash holiday mishaps and disasters video

Moviefone Mash: Holiday Mishaps and Disasters (VIDEO)

During the holiday season we all strive to focus on the positives, such as good will, cheer and plenty... Read more

moviefone mash the evolution of human flight

Moviefone Mash: The Evolution of Human Flight

We've all fantasized about one day kicking up our heels and taking flight, whether it be via a sprinkle... Read more

moviefone mash every death in the saw movies video

Moviefone Mash: Every Death in the 'Saw' Movies (VIDEO)

It wouldn't feel like Halloween without a 'Saw' movie, and this year is no exception. In honor of 'Saw... Read more

moviefone mash watching movies in the movies

Moviefone Mash: Watching Movies ... in the Movies

We here at Moviefone love movies. And we love going to the movies, no matter how many times we get... Read more

moviefone mash movie spoilers

Moviefone Mash: Movie Spoilers

WARNING: The following video contains major spoilers from the last 70 years of cinema -- so don't watch... Read more

movie monster transformations watch these humans sprout fangs fur and eeeevil eyes

Movie Monster Transformations: Watch These Humans Sprout Fangs, Fur and Eeeevil Eyes

'Eclipse' comes out this week in all its werewolf-vampire-love-triangle glory... which got us thinking... Read more

we love new york in the movies

We Love New York ... in the Movies

'Sex and the City 2' comes out this week, and we couldn't help but wonder: What better way to celebrate... Read more

two guns are better than one

Two Guns Are Better Than One

This week, guns are blazing in the new actioner 'The Losers,' and in a matter of weeks, the first string... Read more

i love you over and over again

I Love You Over and Over Again

We here at Moviefone may sometimes front like hardened cynics, complaining about how hackneyed or contrived... Read more

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