Bob Cannon

Bob Cannon

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Elizabeth Taylor's Best Movies: 10 Reasons She Was a Hollywood Legend

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Best Denzel Washington Movies: A Look Back at 10 Classics, From 'Glory' to 'Malcolm X'

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George Clooney Movies: His 10 Best Films

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Best Heist Movies: Our Favorite Capers, Crooks and Cat-and-Mouse Games

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Dennis Hopper's 10 Best Movie Roles

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That Guy! William Fichtner

To be a convincing character actor, you have to be versatile, to be able to play a benign best-friend... Read more

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Watch 'Heavy Metal Parking Lot' Online

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Selena Gomez Headed to 'Monte Carlo'

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Black Hollywood's 10 Game-Changing Films

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A Little Romance Goes a Long Way at the Box Office

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Carrie Underwood Headed to the Big Screen

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That Guy! Jay O. Sanders

Moviegoers might be excused for thinking of Jay O. Sanders -- with his sandy, curly hair and his 6' 4'... Read more

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Watch 'Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam' Online

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Free Movie of the Day: 'The Guru'

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Free Movie of the Day: 'Idle Hands'

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Free Movie of the Day: 'The 39 Steps'

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Disney Scraps 'Wild Hogs 2'

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Free Movie of the Day: 'Beach Party'

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Top 10 Country Stars in the Movies

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Free Movie of the Day: 'The Lonely Guy'

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