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Brad McHargue


rubber review the fantastic fest film that gives new meaning to tire trouble

'Rubber' Review: The Fantastic Fest Film That Gives New Meaning to "Tire Trouble"

If there was ever a film designed to question convention, 'Rubber' is that film. French writer and... Read more

watch this trailer for anti gas skin

Watch This: Trailer for 'Anti Gas Skin'

If you ever had doubts over whether or not Korean horror films are absolutely balls-to-the-wall absurd,... Read more

reykjavik whale watching massacre hiting dvd stateside sans reykjavik

'Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre' Hiting DVD Stateside Sans Reykjavik

I've never understood the need to change the title of a movie to reflect overseas distribution. I get... Read more

watch this full trailer for french thriller captifs

Watch This: Full Trailer for French Thriller 'Captifs'

French horror had its heyday a few years back, with the likes of Inside and Martyrs causing horror fans... Read more

frightfest fave f gets first trailer

FrightFest Fave 'F' Gets First Trailer

A little over half a decade ago, a film critic coined the term 'torture porn' to refer to a specific... Read more

watch this devil s bridge trailer

Watch This: 'Devil's Bridge' Trailer

UK survival horror is one of those pseudo-sub genres of horror I find myself inexplicably drawn to.... Read more

eli roth still hasn t ruled out feature length thanksgiving

Eli Roth Still Hasn't Ruled Out Feature Length 'Thanksgiving'

You ever seen Thankskilling? Made for under $3,500 and featuring the greatest opening shot in the history... Read more

watch this trailer for thai horror flick the snow white

Watch This: Trailer for Thai Horror Flick 'The Snow White'

When watching this trailer, several films came to mind: Nacho Cerda's gruesome necrophilia-based short... Read more

hs movie club pontypool discussion

HS Movie Club: 'Pontypool' Discussion

Last Friday I introduced to our readers the Canadian thriller Pontypool, a unique little gem that takes... Read more

pro vs con grace 2009

Pro vs. Con: Grace (2009)

Weinberg: Pete Hall tells me we should start these debates with Grace. Do you and I disagree on it?... Read more

hs movie club pontypool

HS Movie Club: Pontypool

Pontypool is a movie everyone should see. Or at least every self-respecting horror fan. Amidst the... Read more

watch this high res trailer for the possession of emma evans

Watch This: High-Res Trailer for 'The Possession of Emma Evans'

Possession movies seem to be all the rage these days. It was flirted with in Paranormal Activity, and... Read more

syfy to bring us original zombie show with zeros

Syfy to Bring Us Original Zombie Show with 'Zeros'

Oh Syfy, you never fail to disappoint. Whether it's a hybrid animal terrorizing a coastal resort town... Read more

watch this snow bo

Watch This: 'Snow-bo'

Kids can be cruel. They're often hesitant to allow outsiders into their group, resulting in the shunning... Read more

the deadlines to try and break world record

'The Deadlines' to Try and Break World Record

Gimmick films are always...interesting. Recently there was talk of a film called La Casa Muda (The... Read more

hs movie club discussion session 9

HS Movie Club Discussion: 'Session 9'

I first saw Session 9 back in 2002 or so as a recommendation from a friend. He said it would be 'right... Read more

watch this trailer for greek cinema verite flick subconscious

Watch This: Trailer for Greek Cinema-Verite Flick 'Subconscious'

Quiet Earth has brought to my attention a couple of trailers for the Greek flick Subconscious, a movie... Read more

details for dvd blu ray release of adam green s frozen announced

Details for DVD/Blu-ray Release of Adam Green's 'Frozen' Announced

I remember when Frozen (review), directed by genre-fave Adam Green, started getting a ton of buzz after... Read more

the asylum is back with 8213 the gacy house

The Asylum is Back with '8213: The Gacy House'

I think I was one of the few who actually enjoyed Paranormal Entity, the low-budget rip-off of last year's... Read more

watch this trailer for horror doc the splat pack

Watch This: Trailer for Horror Doc 'The Splat Pack'

Love 'em or hate 'em, gore-infused horror is here to stay. It first rose to prominence in the early part... Read more