Brad Trechak

Brad Trechak

sam raimi will direct wizard of oz prequel with robert downey jr

Sam Raimi Will Direct 'Wizard of Oz' Prequel with Robert Downey Jr.

Director Sam Raimi has officially been given the reins to direct the prequel to 'The Wizard of Oz' (which... Read more

wonder woman to hit tv before the big screen

Wonder Woman to Hit TV Before the Big Screen

There have been repeated attempts over the past few years to bring the Amazon Princess to the big screen... Read more

matthew mcconaughey to spend time with bernie

Matthew McConaughey to Spend Time With 'Bernie'

Matthew McConaughey has joined the cast of Jack Black's dark comedy 'Bernie.' According to The Hollywood... Read more

five films that deserve a broadway musical

Five Films That Deserve a Broadway Musical

All forms of entertainment adapt each other nowadays. Television shows come to Broadway. Movies get... Read more

louis c k s hilarious now streaming online for free watch this

Louis C.K.'s 'Hilarious' Now Streaming Online for Free (Watch This)

Do our older readers remember a time before Al Gore invented the Internet and everything changed for... Read more

even mtv is doing vampires now

Even MTV Is Doing Vampires Now

MTV, which has long abandoned the 'Music' portion of their name, has gotten into supernatural scripted... Read more

david fury out and stephen lang in at terra nova

David Fury Out and Stephen Lang In at Terra Nova?

The upcoming Fox series Terra Nova, which is being executive produced by Steven Spielberg, is encountering... Read more

the rock to become a transformer

The Rock to Become a Transformer?

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson hasn't been enough of a cartoon character for his adult life, now he's lending... Read more

the sonic screwdriver can now control the wii

The Sonic Screwdriver Can Now Control The Wii

I have never been so tempted to own a Wii before now. And even if I did, I'd have to get an export from... Read more

doctor strange movie in the works

'Doctor Strange' Movie In The Works

While at DragonCon this past weekend, Stan Lee let slip that he will have an upcoming cameo in the forthcoming... Read more

sfs movie club discussion faq about time travel

SFS Movie Club Discussion: FAQ About Time Travel

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel would have done very well in America with a certain crowd... Read more

sci fi squad movie club faqs about time travel

Sci-Fi Squad Movie Club: 'FAQs About Time Travel'

Sometimes the United States misses out on the good movies. Despite being co-produced by Picturehouse... Read more

unbreakable 2 will be in theaters sort of

'Unbreakable 2' Will Be In Theaters, Sort Of.

For those who enjoyed M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable, there is some good news. It's sequel will somewhat... Read more

neil gaiman s sandman coming to tv

Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman' Coming to TV?

Neil Gaiman's epic DC Comics series The Sandman could be getting the television treatment. Supernatural... Read more

there will be more kick ass

There Will Be More 'Kick Ass'?

Creator Mark Millar has been rumored to have said in a radio interview in the United Kingdom that Kick... Read more

bruce willis to play the thing

Bruce Willis to Play The Thing?

According to, Fox would like Bruce Willis to play the role of Ben Grimm a.k.a. The... Read more

some doctor who alum coming to chuck

Some 'Doctor Who' alum coming to 'Chuck'

If you're a long-time fan of Doctor Who, then you should start watching Chuck. I can give you two good... Read more

doctor who will be split in two

'Doctor Who' Will Be Split in Two

The popular and cult-ish British series Doctor Who has taken a page from American television programs... Read more

james marsters cast in syfy pilot three inches

James Marsters Cast in Syfy Pilot 'Three Inches'

For those of you that miss James Marsters (a.k.a. Spike, Brainiac, Captain John Hart and a slew of others... Read more

judge dredd fan film judge minty gets an impressive trailer

'Judge Dredd' Fan Film 'Judge Minty' Gets an Impressive Trailer

There are a myriad of fan films out there that suck the royal cheese, but occasionally we are treated... Read more