Brian Childs

Brian Childs

exclusive the help trailer debuts

EXCLUSIVE: 'The Help' Trailer Debuts

'The Help' trailer is out and it seems to have all the charming characteristics that made the book a... Read more

minimalist kubrick pictogram posters

Minimalist Kubrick Pictogram Posters

Graphic artist Viktor Hertz is big fan of Stanley Kubrick -- so big, in fact, that he began designing... Read more

happy couple recreate the notebook in their engagement photos

Happy Couple Recreate 'The Notebook' in Their Engagement Photos

Aww! Young Canadian couple Cindy and Jean-Nicola were having a traditional wedding so they decided to... Read more

natalie portman s sexiest scenes she strips she kisses a girl

Natalie Portman's Sexiest Scenes (She Strips! She Kisses a Girl!)

We never thought the little girl from 'The Professional' would grow up to become one of the sexiest... Read more

monday morning discussion was the last scene of source code necessary

Monday Morning Discussion: Was the Last Scene of 'Source Code' Necessary?

The weekend is over and 'Source Code' is a critical and box office hit. The film is being celebrated... Read more

poster for casablanca 3d remake leaked

Poster for 'Casablanca' 3D Remake Leaked?

Speculation of a 'Casablanca' remake has taken over Twitter after a poster leaked earlier this afternoon.... Read more

the real king s speech watch rare footage of king george vi speaking to a crowd

The Real King's Speech: Watch Rare Footage of King George VI Speaking to a Crowd

After watching Colin Firth's Oscar-winning performance in 'The King's Speech,' you might find yourself... Read more

move over james franco 5 stars who would have done better as oscar host

Move Over, James Franco: 5 Stars Who Would Have Done Better as Oscar Host

The Oscars are done, and by the look of it, so is James Franco's career as an Oscar host. The multitalented... Read more

a dude s take on oscars red carpet fashion

A Dude's Take on Oscars' Red Carpet Fashion

Good news for the fashion inept: We're back with a dude's take on fashion! Here, with the help of a beer-drinking... Read more

the neverending story twenty years later

'The NeverEnding Story' Twenty Years Later

Imagine you're walking down the street with your friends. It's the 80s, you're cool and you might... Read more

oscars drinking game 2011 toast the academy awards telecast with moviefone

Oscars Drinking Game 2011: Toast the Academy Awards Telecast With Moviefone

We can't help but notice that some of our readers seem to think that the Academy Awards telecast... Read more

oscars made easy why you should see the illusionist

Oscars Made Easy: Why You Should See 'The Illusionist'

We're breaking down all the Oscar contenders for you, so that you can decide whether you want to... Read more

film schooled how to fall off a building

Film Schooled: How to Fall Off a Building

Welcome to Moviefone's new column, Film Schooled, in which we bravely explore the ins and outs... Read more

oscars made easy why you should see the kids are all right

Oscars Made Easy: Why You Should See 'The Kids Are All Right'

We're breaking down all the Oscar contenders for you, so that you can decide whether you want to... Read more

do you still watch the oscars

Do You Still Watch the Oscars?

Last year, the Oscars telecast enjoyed a ratings boost -- likely a result of the massive success of 'Avatar.'... Read more

oscars made easy why you should see true grit

Oscars Made Easy: Why You Should See 'True Grit'

We're breaking down all the Oscar contenders for you, so that you can decide whether you want to see... Read more

real life death ray built by teenager world fears the worst

Real-Life Death Ray Built by Teenager; World Fears the Worst

Using a simple fiberglass satellite dish covered in mirrors, Eric Jacqmain, a 19-year-old from Indiana,... Read more

true grit comic book rooster cogburn reimagined

'True Grit' Comic Book: Rooster Cogburn Reimagined

One of the most enjoyable online trends of the past year for those of us who love both movies and... Read more

jason statham is the matthew mcconaughey of action movies

Jason Statham Is the Matthew McConaughey of Action Movies

There's a lot that you might not know about Jason Statham: He was an Olympic diver, modeled for French... Read more

why the golden globes is hypocritical to condemn ricky gervais

Why the Golden Globes Is Hypocritical to Condemn Ricky Gervais

As you've likely heard, Ricky Gervais has been banned from hosting the Golden Globes next year --... Read more