Bryan Enk

Bryan Enk

10 biggest movie news stories of 2010

10 Biggest Movie News Stories of 2010

While it didn't quite end up being The Year We Make Contact, 2010 was certainly a distinguished year... Read more

best movie trailers of 2010

Best Movie Trailers of 2010

Movie trailers have become a medium unto themselves. Sometimes we're more excited for the trailer... Read more

rock out to the music video work of mark romanek director of never let me go

Rock Out to the Music Video Work of Mark Romanek, Director of 'Never Let Me Go'

We don't think the tagline 'From the Director of 'One Hour Photo'' on the 'Never Let Me Go' poster... Read more

watch marlon brando sharon stone and more in 10 memorable movie screen tests

Watch Marlon Brando, Sharon Stone and More in 10 Memorable Movie Screen Tests

What does it take to get the part? Sometimes a good screen test or audition tape is all you need in... Read more

peter weir s the way back falls back to january

Peter Weir's 'The Way Back' Falls Back to January

The phrase 'And the Oscar goes to Peter Weir' will not be uttered in 2011 -- for now. Why? Variety reports... Read more

tyler perry s for colored girls gets november release date let the oscar campaign begin

Tyler Perry's 'For Colored Girls' Gets November Release Date (Let the Oscar Campaign Begin?)

Does Lionsgate smell an Oscar nomination (or two) for Tyler Perry? Variety reports that the studio... Read more

george clooney to direct philip seymour hoffman paul giamatti in next project

George Clooney to Direct Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti in Next Project

George Clooney is going to get political. New York Magazine reports that Clooney is preparing his... Read more

forbes shia labeouf offers most bang for the buck for second year in a row

Forbes: Shia LaBeouf Offers "Most Bang For the Buck" For Second Year in a Row

Attention Hollywood: Keep casting Shia LaBeouf if you want to keep the electricity on. The Hollywood... Read more

ryan reynolds and bradley cooper partner up for buddy cop comedy

Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper Partner Up for Buddy Cop Comedy

It's a rite of passage for any young man who wants to be taken seriously as a film actor: You have... Read more

blockbuster preparing for bankruptcy with 1 billion debt

Blockbuster Preparing For Bankruptcy With $1 Billion Debt

Remember back when you used to make it a Blockbuster Night? That was probably before the days of Netflix... Read more

channing tatum attending ten year reunion

Channing Tatum Attending 'Ten Year' Reunion

Channing Tatum is about to experience that most poignant of existential crises: the ten-year high school... Read more

katie holmes to go up the hill with adam sandler and al pacino in jack and jill

Katie Holmes to Go Up the Hill With Adam Sandler and Al Pacino in 'Jack and Jill'

It looks like Katie Holmes is allowed to go out and play again. The Hollywood Reporter brings news... Read more

jessica alba to go undercover in spy kids 4

Jessica Alba to Go Undercover in 'Spy Kids 4'

Jessica Alba is looking to bring a little international intrigue to motherhood. Heat Vision reports... Read more

make love not war angelina jolie planning bosnian war love story

Make Love, Not War: Angelina Jolie Planning Bosnian War Love Story

Angelina Jolie has only one statement to make, and it's one of love. The Hollywood Reporter brings... Read more

emma roberts among actresses caught in spider man casting web

Emma Roberts Among Actresses Caught in 'Spider-Man' Casting Web

Who will fall for the lovable high school science nerd known as Peter Parker? Heat Vision reports that... Read more

the tourist starring angelina jolie and johnny depp books december release date

'The Tourist,' Starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, Books December Release Date

Moviegoers will be spending the holidays abroad. The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Sony Pictures... Read more

hugh jackman won t go door to door as avon man

Hugh Jackman Won't Go Door-to-Door as 'Avon Man'

Sorry, ladies -- your doorbell won't be ringing to reveal Hugh Jackman anytime soon. Deadline reports... Read more

stab shoot destroy sylvester stallone plotting expendables sequel

Stab, Shoot, Destroy: Sylvester Stallone Plotting 'Expendables' Sequel

You're never too old to have another action-adventure ... or two. As 'The Expendables' conquered the... Read more

that s not all folks bugs bunny returning to the big screen

That's Not All, Folks: Bugs Bunny Returning to the Big Screen

What's up, Doc? Bugs Bunny's coming back! Deadline reports that Warner Bros. has decided to no longer... Read more

ryan murphy to direct mark ruffalo in the normal heart

Ryan Murphy to Direct Mark Ruffalo in 'The Normal Heart'

Mark Ruffalo will be 'Normal' before it's time for Hulk Smash! MTV Movies reports that the future Bruce... Read more