Christopher Campbell

Christopher Campbell

Chris Campbell has been a professional blogger since 2005, writing news and criticism for numerous outlets. He holds an MA in cinema studies from NYU, where he concentrated on documentaries.

10 movie neighbors from hell photos

10 Movie Neighbors From Hell (PHOTOS)

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2014 summer movies 12 must see alternatives to hollywood blockbusters

2014 Summer Movies: 12 Must-See Alternatives to Hollywood Blockbusters

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How to Survive a Flood (According to the Movies)

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11 Highly Skilled Movie Characters You Want on Your Plane If Things Go Very, Very Wrong (PHOTOS)

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The 10 All-Time Best Movie Dragons (PHOTOS)

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Worth the Wait? 10 Sequels That Took Forever to Happen

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11 Movies That Prove Kids Will One Day Save Us All (VIDEO)

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10 movies with casting gimmicks

10 Movies With Casting Gimmicks

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10 greatest gamblers in movies

10 Greatest Gamblers in Movies

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The 12 Most Surreal Kids' Movies of All Time (PHOTOS)

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10 Desperate Movie Bachelorettes

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10 unconventional sports movies

10 Unconventional Sports Movies

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Life in the Witness Protection Program (According to the Movies)

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10 celebrity cameos in concert films

10 Celebrity Cameos in Concert Films

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10 ways rich people will own the future according to the movies

10 Ways Rich People Will Own the Future (According to the Movies)

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15 indie film alternatives to 2013 s blockbusters

​15 Indie Film Alternatives to 2013's Blockbusters

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9 college movies for kids from flubber to first daughter

9 College Movies for Kids, From 'Flubber' to 'First Daughter'

Alamy Most college movies are aimed at the college crowd, which means they contain plenty of R-rated... Read more

superman the movie 10 reasons it s still the greatest superhero film of all time

'Superman: The Movie': 10 Reasons It's Still the Greatest Superhero Film of All Time

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13 outstanding performances by actors playing themselves in movies

13 Outstanding Performances by Actors Playing Themselves in Movies

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Eat My April Fools' Shorts: Little Films That Fool You Bigtime

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