Dan Solomon

Dan Solomon

nicolas cage movies his 10 best and worst

Nicolas Cage Movies: His 10 Best and Worst

In honor of Nicolas Cage week, we've been sifting through the man's prepostorously long filmography... Read more

happy birthday january jones is 2011 the year she becomes a movie star

Happy Birthday, January Jones! Is 2011 the Year She Becomes a Movie Star?

Given how passionate fans of the TV drama 'Mad Men' are, it's easy to forget that the cable show's... Read more

thanksgiving movies 21 films about turkey day

Thanksgiving Movies: 21 Films About Turkey Day

Thanksgiving doesn't get the same sort of movie love that holidays like Christmas and Halloween do.... Read more

happytime murders producer dishes on brian henson s upcoming puppet noir

'Happytime Murders' Producer Dishes on Brian Henson's Upcoming Puppet Noir

The puppet movie-loving public -- which we're certain includes almost everyone who reads Moviefone... Read more

actors who do their own stunts tom cruise and 8 other daredevil stars

Actors Who Do Their Own Stunts: Tom Cruise and 8 Other Daredevil Stars

Last week, Tom Cruise scaled the world's tallest building while filming his own stunts for 'Mission:... Read more

dax shepard talks brother s justice martial arts and burt reynolds junk

Dax Shepard Talks 'Brother's Justice,' Martial Arts and Burt Reynolds' Junk

America -- nay, the world -- has sorely been missing something ever since Chuck Norris became a post-ironic... Read more

will zach galifianakis stop being funny not if he follows our advice

Will Zach Galifianakis Stop Being Funny? Not If He Follows Our Advice.

Zach Galifianakis, take note: Just because everybody -- including us -- thinks you're effin' hilarious... Read more

wildlife filmmaker chris palmer says nature documentaries are manipulative

Wildlife Filmmaker Chris Palmer Says Nature Documentaries Are Manipulative

If you thought that the credibility issues raised by the controversial documentary 'Catfish' could have... Read more

game changing technology breakthroughs and the movies that spawned them

Game-Changing Technology Breakthroughs and the Movies That Spawned Them

When the first trailer for 'Resident Evil: Afterlife' hit, it downplayed the swords, zombies, and Ali... Read more

meet jeff glosser michael j fox s basketball double in teen wolf

Meet Jeff Glosser, Michael J. Fox's Basketball Double in 'Teen Wolf'

In the pantheon of great basketball movies, 'Teen Wolf' is often overlooked. And that's a shame. After... Read more