Daniel Frankel

Daniel Frankel

disney shutters miramax offices lays off staff

Disney Shutters Miramax Offices, Lays Off Staff

Thursday marked the end of an important era in motion picture history, with Disney shuttering the New... Read more

500 days helmer marc webb signed on to spider man reboot

'500 Days' Helmer Marc Webb Signed on to 'Spider-Man' Reboot

Sony has selected '500 Days of Summer' director Marc Webb to helm its upcoming 'Spider-Man' reboot.... Read more

the spy next door movie reviews

'The Spy Next Door' Movie Reviews

Reviews don't get much harsher than the ones so far rendered for Jackie Chan's latest film, the family-targeted... Read more

how much of avatar s box office is from 3 d screenings

How Much of 'Avatar''s Box Office Is From 3-D Screenings?

Taking in $48.5 million over the weekend at the North American box office, James Cameron's 'Avatar' has... Read more

julia roberts jennifer aniston named golden globe presenters

Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston Named Golden Globe Presenters

Jennifer Aniston, Mickey Rourke and Julia Roberts have signed on as presenters to the upcoming Golden... Read more

jackass crew bringing the pain again in 3d next fall

'Jackass' Crew Bringing the Pain Again (in 3D!) Next Fall

Eager to capitalize on the 3D hype surrounding 'Avatar,' Paramount on Saturday announced an Oct. 15,... Read more

alien screenwriter dan o bannon dead at 63

'Alien' Screenwriter Dan O'Bannon Dead at 63

Prolific horror/sci-fi screenwriter Dan O'Bannon, the creative force behind the enduring 'Alien' franchise,... Read more

the young victoria reviews

'The Young Victoria' Reviews

After making a name for herself in 2006's 'The Devil Wears Prada,' Emily Blunt has looked to secure that... Read more

did you hear about the morgans reviews

'Did You Hear About the Morgans?' Reviews

After previously teaming on 'Two Weeks Notice' and 'Music and Lyrics,' writer-director Marc Lawrence... Read more

summit picks up rights to nic cage s drive angry

Summit Picks Up Rights to Nic Cage's 'Drive Angry'

Summit Entertainment has announced that it will release the upcoming Nicolas Cage 3-D thriller 'Drive... Read more

mel gibson plans vacation in veracruz

Mel Gibson Plans 'Vacation' in Veracruz

Mel Gibson is ramping up his acting career again, after keeping a relatively low profile following his... Read more

avatar movie reviews

'Avatar' Movie Reviews

Twelve years after he unleashed the most commercially successful movie of all-time, 'Titanic,' James... Read more

amazon launches dvd on demand is it the future of movies

Amazon Launches DVD + On Demand: Is It the Future of Movies?

Looking to bridge the gap between physical and digital home entertainment distribution, Amazon will now... Read more

transylmania sets record for worst box office debut ever

'Transylmania' Sets Record for Worst Box-Office Debut Ever

Vampire movies don't always work. The genre-spoofing indie film 'Transylmania' endured the worst opening... Read more

zombieland gets a 3 d sequel and so does jackass

'Zombieland' Gets a 3-D Sequel -- and So Does 'Jackass'

Get ready for eye-popping 3-D sequels to 'Zombieland' and 'Jackass'. According to Variety, Sony and... Read more

and the oscar buzz goes to sandra bullock for the blind side

And the Oscar Buzz Goes to ... Sandra Bullock for 'The Blind Side'

With only two Golden Globe nominations to her credit ('Miss Congeniality,' 'While You Were Sleeping'),... Read more

will female directors rule the 2010 oscars

Will Female Directors Rule the 2010 Oscars?

As old boys clubs go, the collection of people who've either won the Oscar for best directing, or have... Read more

first look at shrek 4

First Look at 'Shrek 4'

'Shrek,' the fairy-tale-spoofing animated franchise that's commanded more than $2.2 billion in global... Read more

me and orson welles movie reviews

'Me and Orson Welles' Movie Reviews

Attempting to move up and beyond 'High School Musical,' Zac Efron has received fairly good reviews from... Read more

the road movie reviews

'The Road' Movie Reviews

Manifesting novelist Cormac McCarthy's bleak post-apocalyptic vision onto the big screen is the kind... Read more