Dawn Taylor

Dawn Taylor

snow white adds another dark survival story to her pile of upcoming adaptations

'Snow White' Adds Another Dark, Survival Story to Her Pile of Upcoming Adaptations

The fairy tales wars are heating up. In addition to multiple Red Riding Hood films in the works, there's... Read more

newsies getting its own broadway musical

'Newsies' Getting Its Own Broadway Musical

One thing that the folks at Disney do better than anyone else (with the possible exception of Steve Jobs)... Read more

everything you need to know about the hobbit in 2 minutes

Everything You Need to Know About 'The Hobbit' in 2 Minutes

You know, I keep meaning to read 'The Hobbit.' People tell me that I should, and I pick it up occasionally... Read more

seth green s new star wars show dave chapelle meets spongebob squarepants

Seth Green's New 'Star Wars' Show: Dave Chapelle Meets 'Spongebob Squarepants'

Seth Green, who seems determined to carve out a niche for himself as a geek-god of nerd culture, recently... Read more

sony and disney partnering on 3d blu ray for alice in wonderland

Sony and Disney Partnering on 3D Blu-ray for 'Alice in Wonderland'

Did you like Tim Burton's re-conflagrated 3-D Alice in Wonderland? Yes? No? Either way, you have to admit... Read more

the best ways to save money on entertainment

The Best Ways to Save Money on Entertainment

This may come as a surprise to you, but money's tight. I know! Why hasn't anyone mentioned this before?... Read more

scenes we love undercover brother

Scenes We Love: Undercover Brother

In 2002, most of us had no idea that Neil Patrick Harris was a comic genius. It had been five long years... Read more

michael cera finds a new teen slacker for fx series

Michael Cera Finds a New Teen Slacker for FX Series

The bafflingly poor box-office showing for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has led some to wonder if the... Read more

hangover writers to tackle office party hijinks

'Hangover' Writers to Tackle Office Party Hijinks

I've never been to an office party that's spun wildly, hilariously out of control. Growing up, it was... Read more

scott bakula announces quantum leap movie minus scott bakula

Scott Bakula Announces 'Quantum Leap' Movie ... Minus Scott Bakula

I know I'm not the only one who still harbors a deep, abiding crush on the Quantum Leap-era Scott Bakula.... Read more

an early clip from sundance pot com high school

An Early Clip from Sundance Pot-Com 'HIGH School'

Oh, the dizzying frontiers of youth, and the important stages of maturity. Your first steps, your first... Read more

teen dressed as the joker sets fire to school awaits sentencing

Teen Dressed as The Joker Sets Fire to School, Awaits Sentencing

An Irish court has ruled on the case of a teenager who dressed as The Joker and set fire to his school... Read more

redbox now offering blu ray rentals for 50 cents more

Redbox Now Offering Blu-ray Rentals for 50 Cents More

In a few months, you'll be able to pick up a Blu-ray rental with your Big Mac -- Redbox has announced... Read more

review ramona and beezus

Review: Ramona and Beezus

Many, many people grew up reading Beverly Cleary's kid-lit books about Henry Huggins, Ramona Quimby... Read more

toy story kid talks about growing up with buzz and woody

'Toy Story' Kid Talks About Growing Up with Buzz and Woody

'After [Toy Story] came out, I remember I would set my toys up,' says John Morris, who started voicing... Read more

watch this spooky teaser for paranormal activity 2

Watch This: Spooky Teaser for 'Paranormal Activity 2'

There's not much to it, but what there is, well, it's creepy as all get-out. A new teaser-trailer for... Read more

their best role tom hanks

Their Best Role: Tom Hanks

As an actor who's never shied away from admitting that he got lucky in his phenomenal career -- and... Read more

review grown ups

Review: Grown Ups

There's a plodding familiarity to Grown Ups, the latest vehicle to drive out of the Adam Sandler/Happy... Read more

play the original prince of persia video game now

Play the Original 'Prince of Persia' Video Game Now

There's a lot of history behind the new film Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. If, that is, you think... Read more

should hollywood sue michael bay for sexual harassment

Should Hollywood Sue Michael Bay for Sexual Harassment?

You've probably heard the earth-shattering news by now: Megan Fox will not be returning for the next... Read more