Eric D. Snider

Eric D. Snider

hop review the easter bunny lays an egg

'Hop' Review: The Easter Bunny Lays an Egg

While the world's desperate cries for more sequels to 'The Santa Clause' go unanswered, Universal Pictures... Read more

rango review must be something in the water

'Rango' Review: Must Be Something in the Water

With 'Rango,' the only thing more astonishing than its subversive sense of humor and general anarchy... Read more

oscars live blog blogging the academy awards in real time

Oscars Live Blog: Blogging the Academy Awards in Real Time

We're live-blogging the 2011 Academy Awards with Cinematical's William Goss, David Ehrlich and Eric... Read more

big mommas like father like son review even worse than you imagined

'Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son' Review: Even Worse Than You Imagined

For many years, scientists believed that the sight of an ordinary man dressed as a fat woman was literally... Read more

i melt with you sundance review the year s dullest debauchery

'I Melt With You' Sundance Review: The Year's Dullest Debauchery

In 'I Melt with You,' a quartet of 44-year-old men who were friends in college reunite for their annual... Read more

cedar rapids sundance review ed helms gets a starring role

'Cedar Rapids' Sundance Review: Ed Helms Gets a Starring Role

If there is justice in the world, Ed Helms will soon be a comedy star whose name above the title sells... Read more

hobo with a shotgun sundance review a bindle of laughs

'Hobo with a Shotgun' Sundance Review: A Bindle of Laughs

'Hobo with a Shotgun' is everything you'd want a film called 'Hobo with a Shotgun' to be, except that... Read more

ed helms sundance interview cedar rapids nude scenes and office spoilers

Ed Helms Sundance Interview: 'Cedar Rapids,' Nude Scenes and 'Office' Spoilers

The very funny Ed Helms followed in his 'Daily Show' colleague Steve Carell's footsteps by joining... Read more

homework sundance review your dog wouldn t eat it

'Homework' Sundance Review: Your Dog Wouldn't Eat It

'Homework' would be a good film to watch if you were cramming for your Indie Films of the 2000s final... Read more

pariah sundance review coming out in brooklyn

'Pariah' Sundance Review: Coming Out in Brooklyn

While coming-of-age dramas about gay teenagers are common enough (especially at film festivals),... Read more

the 5 best and 5 worst sundance purchases

The 5 Best and 5 Worst Sundance Purchases

Philosophically, the Sundance Film Festival's most important goal is to give independent films from... Read more

the dilemma review welcome to sitcom territory

'The Dilemma' Review: Welcome to Sitcom Territory

At 118 minutes, 'The Dilemma' is easily 30 minutes too long. It's also one of the shortest films Ron... Read more

season of the witch review a big helping of medieval cheese

'Season of the Witch' Review: A Big Helping of Medieval Cheese

After being kicked around for a while, 'Season of the Witch' -- originally scheduled as one of 2010's... Read more

10 festival favorites that didn t make it to theaters in 2010

10 Festival Favorites That Didn't Make It to Theaters in 2010

One of the pleasures of attending a film festival is discovering good movies that most people haven't... Read more

the lowest grossing wide release movies of 2010

The Lowest-Grossing Wide-Release Movies of 2010

It would be easy to slap together a list of the lowest-grossing movies of the year and then make fun... Read more

little fockers review an obscene act of unspeakable horror

'Little Fockers' Review: An Obscene Act of Unspeakable Horror

'Little Fockers' would be a lot less painful to watch if its cast of victims didn't include so many... Read more

yogi bear review no smarter than the average sack of doorknobs

'Yogi Bear' Review: No Smarter Than the Average Sack of Doorknobs

Whenever they announce something like a Marmaduke movie, or a Smurfs movie, or a -- sure, why not? --... Read more

the tourist review jolie and depp don t travel well together

'The Tourist' Review: Jolie and Depp Don't Travel Well Together

Even if we accept that Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp are incredibly charismatic Tinseltown luminaries... Read more

the weekly trailer awards primates mechanics and amp angst

The Weekly Trailer Awards: Primates, Mechanics & Angst

The Weekly Trailer Awards is a column celebrating the finest achievements in trailerdom. It runs every... Read more

the weekly trailer awards put on your lincoln highness lantern battle hood

The Weekly Trailer Awards: Put on Your Lincoln Highness Lantern Battle Hood

While America recovers from its gluttonous day of giving thanks and dozing off in front of football... Read more