Jack Mathews

Jack Mathews

rough cuts publicist ronni chasen shot remembering a kind and loyal colleague

Rough Cuts: Publicist Ronni Chasen Shot -- Remembering a Kind and Loyal Colleague

The murder of veteran Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen early Tuesday morning in Beverly Hills played... Read more

rough cuts will james cameron overcome the curse of cleopatra

Rough Cuts: Will James Cameron Overcome the Curse of 'Cleopatra'?

Having become the first person to direct a worldwide $1 billion hit, is James Cameron about to become... Read more

rough cuts blue valentine gets an nc 17 and it s deja vu all over again

Rough Cuts: 'Blue Valentine' Gets an NC-17 and It's Deja Vu All Over Again

When I read this morning's news that the Weinstein Company is appealing the adults-only NC-17 rating... Read more

rough cuts what s wrong with critics and why do they love the american

Rough Cuts: What's Wrong With Critics -- and Why Do They Love 'The American'?

For a critic, loving a movie means never having to say you're sorry ... for a review that makes no sense... Read more

rough cuts bill o reilly s slam of jennifer aniston is just his latest cultural broadside

Rough Cuts: Bill O'Reilly's Slam of Jennifer Aniston Is Just His Latest Cultural Broadside

Like most paparazzi bait in American culture, Jennifer Aniston has wisely ignored the crazy things being... Read more

rough cuts does inception have a shot at winning the oscar

Rough Cuts: Does 'Inception' Have a Shot at Winning the Oscar?

With five months remaining in 2010, it may be folly to reserve a spot on the Best Picture Oscar ballot... Read more

rough cuts armond white vs roger ebert whose side are you on

Rough Cuts: Armond White vs. Roger Ebert - Whose Side Are You On?

Armond White, the controversial film critic for the New York Press, is back in the news. Not for trashing... Read more

rough cuts the free polanski movement gets its wish but nobody wins

Rough Cuts: The 'Free Polanski' Movement Gets Its Wish, but Nobody Wins

Washington Post political columnist Richard Cohen is so often wrong in his own area of expertise, and... Read more

rough cuts how tom cruise and mel gibson could save their careers

Rough Cuts: How Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson Could Save Their Careers

Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson have never appeared together in a movie for the same reasons LeBron James... Read more

rough cuts woody allen is a better filmmaker than a critic

Rough Cuts: Woody Allen Is a Better Filmmaker Than a Critic

People have been ranking Woody Allen movies ever since he made his second one, 'Take the Money and... Read more

rough cuts who is armond white and why is everybody mad at him

Rough Cuts: Who Is Armond White and Why Is Everybody Mad at Him?

These days, Armond White of the New York Press is being widely regarded as the most contrary critic in... Read more

rough cuts critics got it wrong with woody allen s whatever works

Rough Cuts: Critics Got It Wrong With Woody Allen's 'Whatever Works'

I don't understand movie critics, even though I was one for 30 years. Sometimes, they just blow it.... Read more

rough cuts give doris day an oscar already

Rough Cuts: Give Doris Day an Oscar, Already

Following the success of a Facebook campaign to land 88-year-old Betty White a hostess gig on 'Saturday... Read more

rough cuts how to become a movie critic

Rough Cuts: How to Become a Movie Critic

What's that you say? You want to become a movie critic? Ah, a familiar question. In fact, during the... Read more

rough cuts roman polanski was always a creep

Rough Cuts: Roman Polanski Was Always a Creep

Jack Mathews, longtime movie critic for the L.A. Times and the New York Daily News, saw and heard it... Read more

alice is fatter than a march hare box office wrap march 12 14

'Alice' Is Fatter Than a March Hare: Box Office Wrap, March 12-14

Ticket sales for Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland' fell by nearly 50 percent over totals from its second... Read more

when politics roles and movie stars align

When Politics, Roles and (Movie) Stars Align

Matt Damon, fresh off an Oscar nomination for his role in Clint Eastwood's 'Invictus,' recently criticized... Read more

the oscarologist voters get it right with hurt locker sweep

The Oscarologist: Voters Get It Right with 'Hurt Locker' Sweep

The moral of last night's Oscars may be that when there is a clear choice among the pictures nominated,... Read more

the oscarologist how to win your oscars pool

The Oscarologist: How to Win Your Oscars Pool

You've seen the movies, you've read the reviews, and you know the buzz. Now, it's time for you to fill... Read more

to the moon alice tim burton fantasy is in wonderland box office wrap mar 5 7

To the Moon, 'Alice': Tim Burton Fantasy is in Wonderland: Box Office Wrap Mar. 5-7

So much for 'Avatar's' record opening for a 3-D movie. Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland' set opening... Read more