Jane Murphy

Jane Murphy

the biggest wtf movies ever

The Biggest WTF?! Movies Ever

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'Despicable Me' Movie Reviews

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'The Last Airbender' Movie Reviews

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'Grown Ups' Movie Reviews

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'Toy Story 3' Movie Reviews

Little Andy from 'Toy Story' must be married with children by now, right? Not quite, but he's heading... Read more

best soccer movies what to watch when you re not watching world cup

Best Soccer Movies: What to Watch When You're Not Watching World Cup

The 2010 World Cup -- the biggest non-Olympic sporting event on the planet -- has begun. So while you're... Read more

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'The A-Team' Movie Reviews

What's with all the swashbuckling this summer? 'Robin Hood,' 'The Prince of Persia'? Bring on the state-of-the-art... Read more

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'Marmaduke' Movie Reviews

'Marmaduke' is one rambunctious Great Dane, but lets give the cartoon canine some credit. He's had to... Read more

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'Robin Hood' Movie Reviews

Here's what the critics have to say about 'Robin Hood', as if you care. Really, can critics affect... Read more

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'Iron Man 2' Movie Reviews

The secret to the success of 2008's 'Iron Man'? The unexpected delivering big time: Robert Downey Jr.,... Read more

furry vengeance movie reviews

'Furry Vengeance' Movie Reviews

Welcome to Rocky Springs, where the smallest of creatures have created extra-large problems. In the McMansion... Read more

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'Date Night' Movie Reviews

It's the comedy one-two punch that Peacock sitcom fans have dreamed about: Tina Fey and Steve Carell.... Read more

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'Hot Tub Time Machine' Movie Reviews

If you could transport yourself anywhere in a time machine, what time and place would you choose? We're... Read more

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'The Bounty Hunter' Movie Reviews

They say dying is easy, comedy is hard. 'The Bounty Hunter' is an edgy farce going for laughs and a body... Read more

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'Our Family Wedding' Movie Reviews

The comedy that's vying to knock 'Alice in Wonderland' off it's box office pedestal, 'Our Family Wedding'... Read more

random oscars trivia from dual ryan binghams to one name winners

Random Oscars Trivia, From Dual Ryan Binghams to One-Name Winners

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brooklyn s finest movie reviews

'Brooklyn's Finest' Movie Reviews

There are some good, gritty yarns in the New York outer-borough cops and robbers genre. 'Dog Day Afternoon'... Read more

hurt locker producer penalized

'Hurt Locker' Producer Penalized

If 'The Hurt Locker' wins best picture on Sunday, producer Nicolas Chartier will receive his award in... Read more

dustin lance black to pen j edgar hoover biopic

Dustin Lance Black to Pen J. Edgar Hoover Biopic

Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black ('Milk') will reportedly pen a biopic based on the life... Read more

the crazies movie reviews

'The Crazies' Movie Reviews

There are movies that suffer from a title too confusing or vague ('Mystic Pizza,' anyone?). The new thriller... Read more