Jason Hughes

Jason Hughes

animated addams family project moving forward with tim burton attached

Animated 'Addams Family' Project Moving Forward With Tim Burton Attached

While it should be recognizable to fans of the television series and 1990s film versions, the newest... Read more

goooaaall dermot mulroney to direct biopic of soccer star george weah

Goooaaall!! Dermot Mulroney to Direct Biopic of Soccer Star George Weah

Perhaps he's swept up in soccer fever, but actor Dermot Mulroney is sliding right into his next directing... Read more

john lasseter will co direct cars 2 says report

John Lasseter Will Co-Direct 'Cars 2,' Says Report

Confirming the rumors that have been floating around for months, Jim Hill Media is reporting that Disney... Read more

roland emmerich considering two independence day sequels

Roland Emmerich Considering TWO 'Independence Day' Sequels

With his latest special effects sensation, '2012,' set to assault our senses beginning today, Roland... Read more

want to own the terminator franchise

Want to Own the 'Terminator' Franchise?

Reports are brewing that the production company behind Terminator: Salvation, Halycon, will be auctioning... Read more

november 18 is international science fiction reshelving day

November 18 is International Science Fiction Reshelving Day

It's not an epic event like the Olympics, or even on the level of Free Comic Book Day or National Novel... Read more

sci fi s sexiest women found

Sci-Fi's Sexiest Women Found!

The folks over at Inside TV put together a list of the hottest chicks in science fiction, but they... Read more

sci fi on the screen astro boy fails to take off dollhouse doa

Sci-Fi on the Screen: 'Astro Boy' Fails to Take Off, 'Dollhouse' DOA

What is 'Sci-Fi on the Screen' you ask? Why it's television and movies, of course! Every Monday, we'll... Read more

nathan fillion wants to be the greatest american hero

Nathan Fillion Wants to be The Greatest American Hero

Actors say a lot of things, and they talk about a lot of roles they'd love to tackle. But when Nathan... Read more

terminator salvation the machinima series coming to dvd

Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series Coming to DVD

Originally available only via digital download in six 'episodes,' Terminator Salvation: The Machinima... Read more

devlin and emmerich are both interested in stargate sequels

Devlin and Emmerich are Both Interested in 'Stargate' Sequels

Long ago, back in 1994, there was a little film starring Kurt Russell an James Spader called Stargate.... Read more

syfy offers an extended peek into alice s wonderland

Syfy Offers an Extended Peek into Alice's Wonderland

No matter what you thought of Sci Fi Channel's Tin Man, you have to agree it was a pretty bold re-imagining... Read more

blue peter contest to design a control panel for the tardis

Blue Peter Contest to Design a Control Panel for the Tardis

Britain's long-time children's show Blue Peter has long had an association with the equally long-running... Read more

two obscure gene roddenberry telefilms coming to dvd r

Two Obscure Gene Roddenberry Telefilms Coming to DVD(-R)

I've never even heard of the PAX series of telefilms by Gene Roddenberry and ABC. Roddenberry was supposedly... Read more

don t give up on that voltron movie yet

Don't Give Up on That Voltron Movie Yet

But don't get your hopes up either. The film has been in various stages of production since the first... Read more

fox and ea teaming up to bring spore to the big screen

FOX and EA Teaming Up to Bring 'Spore' to the Big Screen

At first glance, it doesn't make a lot of sense to turn the popular video game Spore into a CG-animated... Read more

amc sentences the prisoner to november premiere

AMC Sentences 'The Prisoner' to November Premiere

I'm a latecomer to The Prisoner. Primarily because I wasn't alive when it first hit the airwaves in... Read more

syfy s riverworld trailer is here

Syfy's Riverworld Trailer is Here

Don't worry, I'm not here to reveal the 2003 trailer for the Sci Fi Channel Riverworld back-door pilot.... Read more

should cronenberg even remake the fly

Should Cronenberg Even Remake 'The Fly'?

Why is Hollywood so obsessed with remakes? Now you've got David Cronenberg looking to remake his own... Read more

he man and the masters of the universe lands at columbia

'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe' Lands at Columbia

After Warner Bros. abandoned the in-development He-Man and the Masters of the Universe film, everyone... Read more