Jason Newman

Jason Newman

that movie exists leprechaun in the hood the citizen kane of leprechaun hip hop films

That Movie EXISTS?! 'Leprechaun: In the Hood' - The 'Citizen Kane' of Leprechaun Hip-Hop Films

That Movie Exists?! is a monthly series on movies that sound too incredible to be real -- but much... Read more

the 2011 oscar nominees before they were stars video

The 2011 Oscar Nominees Before They Were Stars (VIDEO)

Looking back on an actor's early roles is either a harbinger of genius or fodder for embarrassment.... Read more

if you liked inception you might like pink floyd the wall

If You Liked 'Inception,' You Might Like ... 'Pink Floyd The Wall'

Christopher Nolan's sci-fi crime thriller/best use of a spinning top film 'Inception' won't win the... Read more

worst movie roommates 10 characters we d never want to live with

Worst Movie Roommates: 10 Characters We'd Never Want to Live With

When Leighton Meester meets her new college roommate Minka Kelly in the upcoming horror film 'The... Read more

i was an extra in death race 2 a tale of prisons near death experiences and grilled cheese sandwiches

I Was an Extra in 'Death Race 2': A Tale of Prisons, Near-Death Experiences and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

'Do you want to be in an Aryan gang?' It's not a question I'm often asked. It's around 6PM in Phillipi,... Read more

jeff bridges his 10 best roles from president to alien

Jeff Bridges: His 10 Best Roles, from President to Alien

If anyone was due for an Academy Award for Best Actor last year, it was the perpetually underrated... Read more

the room viewing guide for newbies how to watch the worst movie ever made

'The Room' Viewing Guide for Newbies: How to Watch the Worst Movie Ever Made

What does it take to be called the 'Citizen Kane of bad movies'? A few weeks back, after years of... Read more

that movie exists the crippled masters no arms no legs all amazing

That Movie EXISTS?!: 'The Crippled Masters' -- No Arms, No Legs, All Amazing

That Movie Exists?! is a monthly series on movies that sound too incredible to be real -- but much to... Read more

veterans day movies 10 documentaries to watch for free online

Veterans Day Movies: 10 Documentaries to Watch for Free Online

Commemorating the end of major fighting in World War I in 1918, November 11 will always be known as... Read more

airplane cast where are they now

'Airplane!' Cast: Where Are They Now?

Like the sound of one hand clapping or a tree that falls in the woods unnoticed, determining the best... Read more

clint eastwood his 10 best roles

Clint Eastwood: His 10 Best Roles

Limiting Clint Eastwood's greatest roles to a mere ten films is a damn near Sisyphean task. Over... Read more

film forum curator bruce goldstein on heist movies and having the best job ever

Film Forum Curator Bruce Goldstein on Heist Movies and Having the Best Job Ever

If you're a film fan, Bruce Goldstein has one of the most enviable jobs in cinema. As Director of Repertory... Read more

watch the nomi song about the eccentric musician who inspired david bowie

Watch 'The Nomi Song,' About the Eccentric Musician Who Inspired David Bowie

Musician Klaus Nomi never became a household name, but as Snagfilms' 'The Nomi Song' shows, his otherworldly... Read more

remember when woody allen was a stand up comedian we do video

Remember When Woody Allen Was a Stand-Up Comedian? We Do! (VIDEO)

Woody Allen has been a master comic filmmaker for decades, with 'Annie Hall,' 'Bananas' and 'Sleeper'... Read more

that movie exists titanic ii another big ship another epic disaster

That Movie EXISTS?!: 'Titanic II' - Another Big Ship, Another Epic Disaster

When I first heard that a movie named 'Titanic II' existed, I approached the film much the same way I... Read more

watch obsessive mac fans show their love in macheads now

Watch Obsessive Mac Fans Show Their Love in 'MacHeads' Now

Are you reading this sentence on a MacBook? iMac? iPad? For the millions of people who already own and... Read more

famous movie locations mcdowell s from coming to america queens ny

Famous Movie Locations: McDowell's From 'Coming to America' (Queens, NY)

Even casual fans of John Landis's 1988 classic 'Coming To America' will recognize the 'Golden Arcs'... Read more

fantasy role players battle each other in darkon watch it now

Fantasy Role Players Battle Each Other in 'Darkon' - Watch It Now

In 'The Wire,' the excellent HBO series widely lauded for its brutal honesty and unflinching accuracy... Read more

remembering the fifth anniversary of hurricane katrina through film

Remembering the Fifth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina Through Film

With the release of Spike Lee's 'If God Is Willing and da Creek Don't Rise,' the follow-up to 2006's... Read more

watch the socalled movie chronicling klezmer hip hop artist socalled

Watch 'The Socalled Movie,' Chronicling Klezmer Hip-Hop Artist Socalled

So how would you make a film about a composer, producer, vocalist, singer, rapper, filmmaker and magician... Read more