Jen Yamato

Jen Yamato

set visit 10 reasons bridesmaids is the female hangover

Set Visit: 10 Reasons 'Bridesmaids' Is the Female 'Hangover'

Emmy-nominated Kristen Wiig emerged as the female face of comedy after bursting onto the scene on... Read more

julie taymor on the tempest prospero s sex change and spider man

Julie Taymor on 'The Tempest,' Prospero's Sex Change, and Spider-Man

When visionary stage and film veteran Julie Taymor decided to tackle William Shakespeare's play 'The... Read more

exclusive julie taymor calls spider man shakespearean russell brand calls musical phenomenal

Exclusive: Julie Taymor Calls 'Spider-Man' Shakespearean, Russell Brand Calls Musical 'Phenomenal'

Amidst reports of production snafus, cast injuries, and swirling rumors about the most expensive budget... Read more

helen mirren on red guns and harvey pekar

Helen Mirren on 'Red,' Guns, and Harvey Pekar

She's won every acting award there is, reigned onscreen as three different queens and since 2003 has... Read more

actors we miss mako

Actors We Miss: Mako

As a child I wasn't consciously aware of the Asian faces I saw on TV and in the movies, though my awareness... Read more

easy a director will gluck on teen sex and 80s fantasy boyfriends

'Easy A' Director Will Gluck on Teen Sex and '80s Fantasy Boyfriends

Emma Stone appears poised for stardom in this week's 'Easy A,' a comedy about a high school student who... Read more

stars in rewind emma stone vh1 reality star

Stars in Rewind: Emma Stone, VH1 Reality Star

She may squeeze laughs out of compulsively crooning Natasha Bedingfield's irritatingly catchy 'Pocketful... Read more

their best role milla jovovich

Their Best Role: Milla Jovovich

Hardcore Milla Jovovich fans can already guess where I'm going to pinpoint the greatest role in the... Read more

cinematical seven movie titles that make us hungry

Cinematical Seven: Movie Titles That Make Us Hungry

I'll admit that on the surface there's nothing terribly deep to this topic of discussion, which is... Read more

12 great sxsw film panels to pick for 2011

12 Great SXSW Film Panels to Pick for 2011

Hollywood life lessons! Honesty in film criticism! Industry secrets pried from the minds of experts... Read more

jerry o connell answers our sliders questions and talks piranha 3d

Jerry O'Connell Answers Our 'Sliders' Questions (and Talks 'Piranha 3D')

Over the span of two decades and change, Jerry O'Connell has gone from kid thesp (Stand By Me) to successful... Read more

for your consideration future oscar nominee pimps don t cry

For Your Consideration: Future Oscar Nominee 'Pimps Don't Cry'

This year's Oscar race has been slow to start... that is, until this week. Ladies and gentlemen of... Read more

time suck of the day the interactive scott pilgrim trailer

Time Suck of the Day: The Interactive 'Scott Pilgrim' Trailer!

Yes, we've been on a bit of a Scott Pilgrim kick lately around these parts, but sometimes a piece of... Read more

sdcc what the hell is drive angry 3d

SDCC: What The Hell is 'Drive Angry 3D'?

Who can blame the Comic-Con masses for not showing up first thing Friday morning for a movie called... Read more

sdcc marvel and the avengers ftw

SDCC: Marvel and The Avengers FTW?

The lines. The crowds. The crazy stabbing in Hall H! Con-goers had to deal with a lot just to make... Read more

sdcc did let me in win over anti remake critics

SDCC: Did 'Let Me In' Win Over Anti-Remake Critics?

Every time director Matt Reeves has talked publicly about his English-language remake of Tomas Alfredson's... Read more

sdcc nic cage drives angry is kind of crazy in 3d

SDCC: Nic Cage Drives Angry, Is Kind Of Crazy in 3D

Who can blame the Comic-Con masses for not showing up first thing Friday morning for a movie called Drive... Read more

sdcc machete rips guts feeds tacos to the people

SDCC: 'Machete' Rips Guts, Feeds Tacos to the People!

Robert Rodriguez is a filmmaker who regards his audience with particular fondness. So instead of bringing... Read more

gallery it s preview night at comic con 2010

Gallery: It's Preview Night at Comic-Con 2010!

Booth babes, TRON merch, even Asgard's golden throne -- it's all here in our Preview Night gallery... Read more

my movie crush leonardo dicaprio in romeo juliet

My Movie Crush: Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Romeo + Juliet'

Nowadays he's known as a serious Oscar-nominated thespian who runs with folks like Marty Scorsese and... Read more