Jenna Busch

Jenna Busch

30 minutes or less more cursing than goodfellas

'30 Minutes or Less': More Cursing Than 'Goodfellas'

There are two things to know about the movie '30 Minutes or Less.' One: the film is about a stoner... Read more

watch the cowboys and aliens red carpet at comic con video

Watch the 'Cowboys and Aliens' Red Carpet at Comic-Con (VIDEO)

'Cowboys and Aliens' hits theaters July 29, but it had its world premiere this weekend in San Diego... Read more

2011 comic con costumes don t disappoint video

2011 Comic-Con Costumes Don't Disappoint (VIDEO)

This year's Comic-Con saw some great things: the stars of 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1' chatted... Read more

spider man at comic con what to expect from the upcoming reboot

'Spider-Man' at Comic-Con: What to Expect From the Upcoming Reboot

What can we expect from the upcoming 'The Amazing Spider-Man'? Well, we spoke with director Marc Webb... Read more

should twilight be allowed at comic con

Should 'Twilight' Be Allowed at Comic-Con?

Although Comic-Con started out as a comic book convention 40 years ago, it's now become something... Read more

twilight breaking dawn stars dish on the sex scene twihards and of course lautner s abs

'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' Stars Dish on the Sex Scene, Twihards and, of Course, Lautner's Abs

Yesterday at Comic-Con, the stars of 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1' -- Robert Pattinson, Kristen... Read more

captain america gives us his workout regimen video

'Captain America' Gives Us His Workout Regimen (VIDEO)

What does it take to become Captain America? According to Chris Evans, the star of the upcoming Marvel... Read more

5 things we learned behind the scenes of the sci fi epic john carter

5 Things We Learned Behind the Scenes of the Sci-Fi Epic 'John Carter'

If you're not familiar with the name John Carter, you'll learn soon enough. The titular hero of the classic... Read more

julia roberts and tom hanks talk starting over in larry crowne video

Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks Talk Starting Over in 'Larry Crowne' (VIDEO)

Do stars get any bigger than Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts? This dream team are together again (they starred... Read more

transformers dark of the moon a conversation with michael bay and james cameron

'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' -- A Conversation With Michael Bay and James Cameron

UPDATE: Before this piece went to print, the Hollywood Reporter stated that 'Transformers: Dark of the... Read more

moviefone interviews pixar s john lasseter about cars 2 brave and incredibles 2

Moviefone Interviews Pixar's John Lasseter about 'Cars 2,' 'Brave' and 'Incredibles 2'

Last week I was lucky enough to fly up to Pixar in Emeryville near San Francisco to chat with John Lasseter.... Read more

moviefone chats with the cast of fast five

Moviefone Chats With the Cast of 'Fast Five'

The fifth installment of 'The Fast and the Furious' series, 'Fast Five' is out today and we were lucky... Read more

their first time director series justin lin on fast five

'Their First Time' Director Series: Justin Lin on 'Fast Five'

Moviefone got a chance to chat with 'Fast Five' director Justin Lin in Rio de Janeiro last week for our... Read more

jordana brewster on fast five rio and a certain little secret

Jordana Brewster on 'Fast Five,' Rio and a Certain Little Secret

There are cars, a heist, cars, The Rock and...did I mention cars? 'Fast Five' is the fifth film in 'The... Read more

dwayne johnson lays the smackdown on fast five

Dwayne Johnson Lays the Smackdown on 'Fast Five'

The boys are back! In the fifth installment of 'The Fast and the Furious' series, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker... Read more

gary oldman on red riding hood torture and working with catherine hardwicke

Gary Oldman on 'Red Riding Hood,' Torture and Working With Catherine Hardwicke

In the new film 'Red Riding Hood,' Gary Oldman plays what he calls 'a man possessed,' Father... Read more

bridesmaids cast on female comedies crazy weddings strip clubs and lap dances

'Bridesmaids' Cast on Female Comedies, Crazy Weddings, Strip Clubs and Lap Dances

Moviefone got a chance to check out the set of the upcoming Kristen Wiig movie 'Bridesmaids.' We got... Read more

ask bieber the teen star s advice on dating and getting his attention

Ask Bieber: The Teen Star's Advice on Dating -- And Getting His Attention

A while back, we asked you to tell us what questions you'd ask Justin Bieber if you had a chance.... Read more

moviefone talks to nph conan and amp more at the people s choice awards

Moviefone Talks to NPH, Conan & More at the People's Choice Awards

Moviefone hit the blue carpet at the Nokia Theater in Downtown LA last night for the People's Choice... Read more

jack black jason segel and emily blunt on yoda muppets and gulliver s travels

Jack Black, Jason Segel and Emily Blunt on Yoda, Muppets and 'Gulliver's Travels'

Moviefone recently got a chance to sit down with the cast of 'Gulliver's Travels,' a 3-D comedy arriving... Read more