Jessica Barnes

Jessica Barnes

actors we miss jack lemmon

Actors We Miss: Jack Lemmon

In the history of film, there has never been another actor quite like Jack Lemmon. He was the comic... Read more

can literary mash ups make good movies

Can Literary Mash-ups Make Good Movies?

It was definitely one of the stranger trends in literary history in a very long time: take some of... Read more

election results got you down watch these political movies instead

Election Results Got You Down? Watch These Political Movies Instead!

Hopefully as you read this, you have already performed your civic duty and made your way to your local... Read more

cinematical seven when good girls get revenge

Cinematical Seven: When Good Girls Get Revenge

There are some very good reasons why the phrase, 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' has endured.... Read more

scenes songs we love sweet jane from natural born killers

Scenes (Songs) We Love: "Sweet Jane" from 'Natural Born Killers'

I love a good cover song. Of course, most of them suffer by comparison, but occasionally there is a... Read more

cinematical seven 7 video games that could make great movies

Cinematical Seven: 7 Video Games That Could Make Great Movies

Disney's 'Prince of Persia' is hitting DVD shelves this week, and while the latest addition to the... Read more

scenes songs we love i ve had enough from quadrophenia

Scenes (Songs) We Love: "I've Had Enough" from 'Quadrophenia'

I may love music in the movies, but there are very few musicians who I think ever truly made great films.... Read more

why do all movie marriages suck

Why Do All Movie Marriages Suck?

I'm probably the last person you should turn to for a thoughtful and heartfelt discussion about the... Read more

scenes songs we love saving the day from ghostbusters

Scenes (Songs) We Love: "Saving the Day" from 'Ghostbusters'

I know what you're thinking: how can I talk about the one and only Ghostbusters and not talk about... Read more

the best songs that are inspired by movies

The Best Songs That Are Inspired By Movies

Usually when I talk about music around these parts, it's with an eye on the movies. But even though... Read more

scenes songs we love kid vs play from house party

Scenes (Songs) We Love: "Kid Vs. Play" from 'House Party'

In the annals of hip-hop history, I don't think the lovable duo of Kid N' Play will probably ever get... Read more

cinematical seven great horror perfomances

Cinematical Seven: Great Horror Perfomances

Eli Roth and Daniel Stamm's The Last Exorcism will arrive in theaters this weekend. Thanks to a generous... Read more

free flick of the day harsh times

Free Flick of The Day: 'Harsh Times'

As much as I may love watching movies, even I don't have enough time to catch every single flick that... Read more

scenes songs we love she s lonely from looking for mr goodbar

Scenes (Songs) We Love: "She's Lonely" from 'Looking for Mr. Goodbar'

I very clearly remember growing up with the novel Looking For Mr. Goodbar in plain view on the bookcase... Read more

what are the cheesiest movies ever made

What Are The Cheesiest Movies Ever Made?

Just before we begin I want to make very clear that at no point will I be making any jokes about movies... Read more

terrific trailers deliver us from evil

Terrific Trailers: Deliver Us From Evil

There is a very good reason why polite manners dictate that you should never talk about religion at... Read more

scenes songs we love do your thing from boogie nights

Scenes (Songs) We Love: "Do Your Thing" from 'Boogie Nights'

Normally when I nominate a song for Scenes (Songs) We Love, it's because I want to share a scene (and... Read more

is the rom com dead

Is The Rom-Com Dead?

There is no movie genre more maligned than the romantic comedy. If you don't believe me, tell someone... Read more

free flick of the day youngblood

Free Flick of The Day: 'Youngblood'

One of the few 'girlie-girl' cliches you could accuse me of exhibiting is an aversion to organized... Read more

scenes songs we love que sera sera from heathers

Scenes (Songs) We Love: "Que Sera Sera" from 'Heathers'

When most people think of the song Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be) they usually think about one person:... Read more