Jessie Heyman

Jessie Heyman

bridesmaids sequel waiting for kristen wiig

'Bridesmaids' Sequel: Waiting for Kristen Wiig?

Before you wring your hands beyond their breaking point over the possibility of a non-Kristen Wiig-ed... Read more

amanda seyfried naked lovelace nude scenes planned for star

Amanda Seyfried Naked: 'Lovelace' Nude Scenes Planned for Star

How do you sell a whole lot of movie tickets? Have James Franco play Hugh Hefner, Demi Moore play Gloria... Read more

seth rogen on 50 50 oscar chances will reiser has the best shot

Seth Rogen on '50/50' Oscar Chances: Will Reiser Has the 'Best Shot'

Seth Rogen is known for his laid-back self-awareness, so wouldn't it be funny if he was one of those... Read more

blake lively channing tatum and jude law reportedly aboard steven soderbergh s next film

Blake Lively, Channing Tatum and Jude Law Reportedly Aboard Steven Soderbergh's Next Film

Remember how excited you were about Blake Lively's acting prowess in 'The Town' -- only to be disappointed... Read more

woody harrelson on rampart i was so depressed over it

Woody Harrelson on 'Rampart': 'I Was So Depressed Over It'

Despite his shameless plug during the Golden Globes nominations, Woody Harrleson has had a very complicated... Read more

joe manganiello on magic mike stripping bonds are forever

Joe Manganiello On 'Magic Mike': Stripping Bonds Are Forever

When you make a male stripper movie that rounds up Hollywood's hunkiest (Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer,... Read more

ricky gervais on golden globes i got it a bit wrong

Ricky Gervais on Golden Globes: 'I Got It a Bit Wrong'

Ever since his hosting stint at last year's sort-of awkward, sort-of funny Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais... Read more

steven soderbergh it s always good to kill movie stars

Steven Soderbergh: 'It's Always Good to Kill Movie Stars'

The 'Haywire' trailer lit up the blogosphere last year for that girl-on-boy brawl between MMA fighter-turned-leading... Read more

diane keaton birthday 16 reasons why annie hall features the best screen meet cute ever

Diane Keaton Birthday: 16 Reasons Why 'Annie Hall' Features the Best Screen Meet-Cute Ever

Straighten your tie: it's Diane Keaton's 66th birthday! 2011 was, you know a ... like, I mean, really... Read more

emma stone hops in little white corvette

Emma Stone Hops In 'Little White Corvette'

After playing a revolutionary author in the 60s and soon-to-be femme fatale amid a gangster-swelling... Read more

horrible bosses sequel planned

'Horrible Bosses' Sequel Planned

It's a wonder that anyone doubted the success of a buddy comedy starring three lovable dudes (Jason... Read more

titanic movie artifacts 9 fake items we want

'Titanic' Movie Artifacts: 9 Fake Items We Want

In case you don't know, 2012 is the Year of the Titanic! You think that James Cameron's 3D-ified rerelease... Read more

french box office france ticket sales in 2011 set all time high

French Box Office: France Ticket Sales in 2011 Set All-Time High

While going to the movies has never been less popular here in the States, everyone in ol' Paris seems... Read more

netflix really wants to be your friend

Netflix Really Wants to Be Your Friend

Netflix is really sorry for all that crazytown business they pulled over the summer, and now the DVD-and-streaming-video... Read more

twilight the musical parody hits new york stage

'Twilight: The Musical': Parody Hits New York Stage

It's a story that has become Gleek and musical theater folklore: One day a lightening-scarred Darren... Read more

audrey hepburn s breakfast at tiffany s letter to henry mancini you sent us soaring

Audrey Hepburn's 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' Letter to Henry Mancini: 'You Sent Us Soaring'

Those familiar with the screen adaptation of Truman Capote's 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' know that Holly... Read more

ralph fiennes skyfall character revealed

Ralph Fiennes 'Skyfall' Character Revealed?

The last time Daniel Craig drank his shaken martinis onscreen it left a sour taste in the mouth of James... Read more

upside down trailer kirsten dunst jim sturgess turn romeo and amp juliet upside down

'Upside Down' Trailer: Kirsten Dunst, Jim Sturgess Turn 'Romeo & Juliet' Upside Down

Here's how the pitch meeting for 'Upside Down' probably went: 'Let's take 'Romeo and Juliet' and flip... Read more

demi moore set for gloria steinem cameo in lovelace

Demi Moore Set for Gloria Steinem Cameo in 'Lovelace'

If you thought you'd died and gone to cameo heaven when James Franco agreed to play a young Hugh Hefner... Read more