Jette Kernion

Jette Kernion

small beautifully moving parts sxsw review a smart female centric drama

'Small, Beautifully Moving Parts' SXSW Review: A Smart, Female-Centric Drama

It's difficult for me to find interest in 'women's films' or 'chick flicks' unless the chicks in... Read more

el bulli cooking in progress sxsw review voyeurism for foodies

'El Bulli: Cooking in Progress' SXSW Review: Voyeurism for Foodies

Have you ever heard of the restaurant El Bulli, and do you know anything about its secluded location... Read more

f my life sxsw review breaking up is hard to do

'F*** My Life' SXSW Review: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

One of the nicer surprises of SXSW this year was discovering that the movie 'F*** My Life' ('Que... Read more

ultimate sxsw guide everything you need to know about the film venues

Ultimate SXSW Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Film Venues

The SXSW Film Festival has a whopping eight venues for moviegoing this year. They range in size and... Read more

scenes we love home for the holidays

Scenes We Love: 'Home for the Holidays'

Thanksgiving gets somewhat shortchanged in the movies, Eli Roth fake trailers aside. Perhaps screenwriters... Read more

two views of austin at aff echotone and boxing gym

Two Views of Austin at AFF: 'Echotone' and 'Boxing Gym'

Austin Film Festival prides itself on showing a number of local films -- there's even a category... Read more

aff reviews raging boll miss nobody and s and amp m lawn care

AFF Reviews: 'Raging Boll,' 'Miss Nobody' and 'S&M Lawn Care'

'Raging Boll,' directed by Dan Lee West The first 20 minutes or so of 'Raging Boll,' the documentary... Read more

brother s justice review dax shepard becomes a martial arts action star aff

'Brother's Justice' Review: Dax Shepard Becomes a Martial Arts Action Star (AFF)

When you think of actor Dax Shepard, you might remember him in 'Idiocracy,' 'When in Rome,' 'Baby Mama'... Read more

their best role susan sarandon

Their Best Role: Susan Sarandon

Actress Susan Sarandon has been enjoying a long and varied career. The earliest movie I've seen her... Read more

jessica alba bill hader and others prove why the hand job has to become a movie

Jessica Alba, Bill Hader and Others Prove Why 'The Hand Job' Has to Become a Movie

Would you buy a ticket at your local theater (or rent a DVD, or VOD) to watch a movie called 'The Hand... Read more

i love you phillip morris review it was worth the wait

'I Love You Phillip Morris' Review: It Was Worth the Wait

For many of us, it's been a long wait to see 'I Love You Phillip Morris,' which has had its release... Read more

exporting raymond review the russian ray romano

'Exporting Raymond' Review: The Russian Ray Romano?

How do you make a very American sitcom funny for a Russian audience? This is the question that Phil... Read more

boyle aronofsky dog sweat austin film festival 2010 is underway

Boyle! Aronofsky! Dog Sweat! Austin Film Festival 2010 Is Underway!

Thursday marked the beginning of the 17th annual Austin Film Festival and Conference (AFF). The festival... Read more

karl urban on red dredd and picking movie roles

Karl Urban on 'Red,' 'Dredd' and Picking Movie Roles

The type of movie you like will probably determine how you know Karl Urban. Big fan of the 'Lord of... Read more

the bright side of fantastic fest animated features reviews

The Bright Side of Fantastic Fest: Animated Features Reviews!

'Redline,' directed by Takeshi Koike (Japan) 'Redline' is fast, furious and out of control. Seriously,... Read more

cinematical seven great fantastic fest films that deserve american distribution

Cinematical Seven: Great Fantastic Fest Films That Deserve American Distribution

Fantastic Fest 2010 is past the halfway point, and some of the movies that have screened once already... Read more

sound of noise review fantastic fest 2010

'Sound of Noise' Review (Fantastic Fest 2010)

'Musical terrorism.' When I heard this phrase in conjunction with 'Sound of Noise,' a Swedish film... Read more

davis guggenheim on waiting for superman and getting people to care about the education system

Davis Guggenheim on 'Waiting for "Superman"' and Getting People to Care About The Education System

Filmmaker Davis Guggenheim may be best known for the 2006 documentary that won him an Academy Award,... Read more

cinematical seven how to manage instant millions according to the movies

Cinematical Seven: How to Manage Instant Millions ... According to the Movies

One of the movies opening in theaters this weekend is Lottery Ticket, about a young man who finds out... Read more

bernie will reunite jack black and richard linklater

'Bernie' Will Reunite Jack Black and Richard Linklater

The news spread quickly around Austin film circles today via a casting call notice on the Short Film... Read more