John Sellers

John Sellers

bill maher calls moviefone arianna huffington answers video

Bill Maher Calls Moviefone, Arianna Huffington Answers (VIDEO)

This past Friday on his HBO talk show, Bill Maher called 777-FILM -- aka Moviefone -- to see if anything... Read more

cameron crowe on almost famous say anything and where he keeps the boom box

Cameron Crowe on 'Almost Famous,' 'Say Anything ...' and Where He Keeps the Boom Box

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the matrix 4 and 5 are the rumors true

'The Matrix 4' and '5': Are the Rumors True?

Even though this may well turn out to be just another cleverly orchestrated Keanu Reeves meme, the Internet... Read more

ricky gervais at the golden globes 2011 mean or hilarious poll

Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes 2011: Mean or Hilarious? [Poll]

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stephen tobolowsky 9 awesome facts about the ultimate that guy actor

Stephen Tobolowsky: 9 Awesome Facts About the Ultimate 'That Guy' Actor

You would be hard-pressed to find a Hollywood actor who has appeared in more movies and TV shows over... Read more

african cats trailer cuteness overload

'African Cats' Trailer: Cuteness Overload!

Few things in this world are cuter than a lion cub. Well, how about two lion cubs? And five cheetah... Read more

musicians on movies mark mothersbaugh of devo

Musicians on Movies: Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo

Everyone knows the art-punk band Devo and its hugely catchy 1980 hit 'Whip It' -- not to mention... Read more

vince vaughn kevin james jennifer connelly and ron howard discuss the dilemma

Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Jennifer Connelly and Ron Howard Discuss 'The Dilemma'

Vince Vaughn, Kevin James and director Ron Howard generate big laughs in 'The Dilemma,' Howard's first... Read more

adam carolla 5 things i hate about going to the movies

Adam Carolla: 5 Things I Hate About Going to the Movies

By his own admission, popular radio personality Adam Carolla loves going to the movies, and claims that... Read more