Johnny Dee

Johnny Dee

clint eastwood turned down roles as bond and superman

Clint Eastwood Turned Down Roles as Bond and Superman

Oh how the world of cinema could have been so different. It has emerged that Clint Eastwood was approached... Read more

are you ready for 9 11 the musical

Are You Ready For 9/11: The Musical?

There have been a handful of films that have documented the 9/11 terrorist attacks - such as World Trade... Read more

hurray for holywood getting the l out of hollywood

Hurray For Holywood - Getting The L Out Of Hollywood

The mainstream film industry has Hollywood and Bollywood, now a group of Christian film-makers are hoping... Read more

steve coogan to turn tv role into movie and before you ask it s not alan partridge

Steve Coogan To Turn TV Role Into Movie (And Before You Ask, It's Not Alan Partridge)

Despite much talk of an Alan Partridge movie it looks as if Steve Coogan will be reprising another of... Read more

why did bill murray do garfield he thought it was a coen brothers movie

Why Did Bill Murray Do Garfield? He Thought it Was a Coen Brothers Movie

Actors aren't perfect. Sometimes they make a mistake and end up in terrible movies. Sometimes they're... Read more

mickey rourke to play gay rugby star

Mickey Rourke To Play Gay Rugby Star?

Following his Oscar-nominated role in The Wrestler, comeback king Mickey Rourke has been a much in demand... Read more

our top ten favourite toy story scenes video

Our Top Ten Favourite Toy Story Scenes (VIDEO)

As you're no doubt aware, the greatest animated film of all time (probably) has a third instalment in... Read more

new film breaks record for longest kiss in movie history video

New Film Breaks Record For Longest Kiss in Movie History (VIDEO)

As Roy Castle used to sing, 'dedication's what you need... if you want to be a record breaker', but maybe... Read more

william shatner to direct documentary on his favourite subject william shatner

William Shatner to Direct Documentary on His Favourite Subject: William Shatner

Having sung with Taiwanese X Factor losers, learnt to speak fluent Esperanto, auctioned his kidney stone... Read more

russell crowe to star in movie version of 80s tv show the equalizer

Russell Crowe to Star in Movie Version of 80s TV Show The Equalizer

Remember The Equalizer? Of course you do. For those under 30's out there who don't understand the question,... Read more

sandra bullock s marital scandal inspires porn movie

Sandra Bullock's Marital Scandal Inspires Porn Movie

Poor old Sandra Bullock. She wins her very first Oscar and then her torrid private life becomes the big... Read more

china angered by hostile remake of red dawn

China Angered by 'Hostile' Remake of Red Dawn

A Chinese state-run newspaper has heavily criticised the upcoming remake of the 1984 film Red Dawn where... Read more

billy elliot star to become new spider man

Billy Elliot Star to Become New Spider-Man?

Speculation is mounting that British actor, Jamie Bell, has been cast as the lead in the much-anticipated... Read more

gary oldman to star in movie version of tinker tailor soldier spy

Gary Oldman to Star in Movie Version of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Gary Oldman is to star as British intelligence officer George Smiley in an adaptation of the John Le... Read more

val kilmer to answer racism charges in new mexico

Val Kilmer To Answer Racism Charges in New Mexico

The Doors and Top Gun star, Val Kilmer, has been asked to defend himself against accusations that he... Read more

missing john ford film is part of lost early movies found in new zealand vault

Missing John Ford Film is Part of Lost Early Movies Found in New Zealand Vault

A silent John Ford movie from 1927 thought to have been lost forever is among a cache of 75 early US... Read more

james cameron becomes latest director to join bp oil spill fight

James Cameron Becomes Latest Director to Join BP Oil Spill Fight

Avatar director James Cameron is the latest Hollywood director to join the attempt to stop the BP oil... Read more

kevin costner s waterworld machine to help clean bp oil spill video

Kevin Costner's Waterworld Machine to Help Clean BP Oil Spill (VIDEO)

One of the biggest movie disasters of all time is coming to the rescue of one of the biggest environmental... Read more

sex and the city 2 blows 10 million on wardrobe budget

Sex And The City 2 Blows $10 Million on Wardrobe Budget

Credit crunch? What credit crunch? Anyone expecting the global financial financial crisis to have an... Read more

original empire strikes back script reveals major plot changes

Original Empire Strikes Back Script Reveals Major Plot Changes

The original screenplay for The Empire Strikes Back has made it's way online and shows many intriguing... Read more