Liane Bonin

Liane Bonin

the 10 most disappointing movies of 2009

The 10 Most Disappointing Movies of 2009

Ah yes, at the end of the year it's certainly tempting to look back with fondness at the more memorable... Read more

best movie musicals of all time

Best Movie Musicals of All Time

They were in, then out, then in again, then out -- musicals as a genre have often given up for dead,... Read more

worst movies of the 2000s the 40 biggest stinkers of the decade

Worst Movies of the 2000s: The 40 Biggest Stinkers of the Decade

As we near the end of the '00s (we say 'oughts'), we look back at the really bad movies -- the lows of... Read more

top 10 performances by animals in 2009

Top 10 Performances By Animals in 2009

Let's face it, Hollywood actors are a bunch of animals. Luckily, sometimes they turn out to be the... Read more

coraline tops annie nominations

'Coraline' Tops Annie Nominations

Noms for the 37th Annie Awards are in! For the 99 percent of you who have no idea what I'm talking... Read more

eclipse movie release date can t come quickly enough for twihards

'Eclipse' Movie Release Date Can't Come Quickly Enough for Twihards

Apparently waiting in line for hours on cold sidewalks, watching the non-stop trailers on television... Read more

why twihard cougars are grossing us out

Why Twihard Cougars Are Grossing Us Out

Okay, before all of you middle-aged Twihards get in a snit, let's just be clear. We're not slamming the... Read more

gq nails it with their men of the year chris pine clint eastwood and the hangover guys

GQ Nails It With Their Men of the Year: Chris Pine, Clint Eastwood and 'The Hangover' Guys

While we certainly can't argue with the hot factor of the beefcake chosen for PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive... Read more

sharon stone nude again in paris match new and improved

Sharon Stone Nude Again in Paris Match: New and Improved?

Oh, boy. Sharon Stone, a (quite literally) firm believer in the 'any publicity is good publicity' dictum,... Read more