Luke Mullen

Luke Mullen

is 3dtv worth it an easy to understand breakdown of what you need to know

Is 3DTV Worth It? An Easy-to-Understand Breakdown of What You Need to Know

Ahhh the third dimension, it just won't go away will it? After peaking in popularity in two previous... Read more

avatar arriving on 3d blu ray december 1st

'Avatar' Arriving On 3D Blu-ray December 1st

Yes, I know. You're all so very excited about the big 'Avatar' announcement. James Cameron is forgoing... Read more

15 a nightmare on elm street bathtub claw 20 most iconic horror scenes of all time

15. 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' Bathtub Claw - 20 Most Iconic Horror Scenes of All Time

The Movie: 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' (1984) The Scene: Shellshocked by the death of her best friend,... Read more

jackass 3d begs the question is this stuff still funny

'Jackass 3D' Begs the Question: Is This Stuff Still Funny?

10 years after the dawn of a new reality show on MTV, the Jackass guys have gained plenty of fame and... Read more

my bloody valentine becomes first live action feature film released on new 3 d blu ray

'My Bloody Valentine' Becomes First Live-Action Feature Film Released on New 3-D Blu-ray

Technology advances at a frenetic pace. Just a few years ago the idea of high definition in your living... Read more

a brief chat with fantastic fx master greg nicotero

A Brief Chat with 'Fantastic' FX Master Greg Nicotero

While you might not know the name Greg Nicotero, you certainly know the man's body of work. Nicotero... Read more

fantastic fest reviews stake land julia s eyes we are what we are and rammbock

Fantastic Fest Reviews: 'Stake Land,' 'Julia's Eyes,' 'We Are What We Are,' and 'Rammbock'

'Stake Land,' directed by Jim Mickle (United States) 'Stake Land' is essentially a Western road movie... Read more

darren lynn bousman s mother s day to screen at fantastic fest

Darren Lynn Bousman's 'Mother's Day' to Screen at Fantastic Fest!

If by some chance you've been living under a rock, we are mere days away from one of the best film... Read more

this week s discs supernatural season five growth and more

This Week's Discs: 'Supernatural: Season Five' 'Growth' and more!

Welcome back to another exciting episode of This Week's Discs! This week we've got...a smattering of... Read more

daughters of darkness blu ray on the horizon

'Daughters of Darkness' Blu-ray on the Horizon

Blue Underground is on a roll this year, churning out fan favorites like Fulci's City of the Living... Read more

this week s discs the evil dead thriller complete series and more

This Week's Discs: The Evil Dead, Thriller: Complete Series and more!

I love picking two titles and then using the words 'and more' at the end of my headlines. It makes... Read more

check out this awesome exorcism movie flowchart

Check Out This Awesome Exorcism Movie Flowchart!

Ahhh the wonders of Twitter. Twitter is probably chief among my favorite time-wasters and I'd rather... Read more

what we re watching fright night d tox and the evil dead

What We're Watching: Fright Night, D-Tox and The Evil Dead

'Welcome to Fright Night....for real!' Fright Night, directed by Tom Holland You guys do follow the... Read more

this week s discs survival of the dead burning bright and more

This Week's Discs: 'Survival of the Dead' 'Burning Bright' and more!

As you might have noticed, we didn't have a This Week's Discs column last week. While I'm sure all... Read more

the human centipede comes to blu ray in the uk in a special edition

'The Human Centipede' Comes to Blu-ray in the UK in a Special Edition!

From meager low-budget beginnings, The Human Centipede has become a bit of an underground sensation.... Read more

details on the highly anticipated troll 2 blu ray

Details on the Highly Anticipated 'Troll 2' Blu-ray

I know I said in the headline that the Troll 2 Blu-ray is highly anticipated, and I will stand by that... Read more

i would have saved killed saw iii

I Would Have Saved/Killed: Saw III

Welcome to a new feature here at Horror Squad you can expect to find every Wednesday and Friday. It's... Read more

this week s discs horror high the killing room in hd and dtv wonders

This Week's Discs: 'Horror High' 'The Killing Room' in HD and DTV Wonders!

You'll notice I mentioned DTV wonders would be in this week's release round-up. By wonders I of course... Read more

this week s discs piranha humanoids after life and more

This Week's Discs: Piranha, Humanoids, After.Life and More!

Welcome back to another wild week of horror films on home video! This week doesn't have too much aside... Read more

last week s discs puppet master the prowler and more

(Last) Week's Discs: 'Puppet Master' 'The Prowler' and more!

Welcome back to this week's discs, where each week we futilely try to come up with new ways to say... Read more