Maggie Furlong

Maggie Furlong

When Maggie Furlong is not at a set visit or conducting a celebrity interview, you can find her hosting AOL TV's weekly web series, The Show Girl. A self-proclaimed TV junkie and movie fan, she frequently lends her pop culture and entertainment expertise to the TV Guide Network, the New York Daily News and Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, among other outlets.

where will breaking dawn part 1 end

Where Will 'Breaking Dawn Part 1' End?

'Breaking Dawn' was such a jam-packed final book in the 'Twilight' series that it got not one, but... Read more

bill condon breaking dawn director there were no twilight reshoots

Bill Condon, 'Breaking Dawn' Director: There Were No 'Twilight' Reshoots

'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1' caused even more of a media circus than usual while filming.... Read more

goran visnjic feels privileged to be in the girl with the dragon tattoo

Goran Visnjic Feels 'Privileged' to be in 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'

'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' won't be in theaters for another two months, but fans of Stieg Larsson's... Read more

emma watson to present new harry potter preview

Emma Watson to Present New 'Harry Potter' Preview

From AOL TV: The MTV Movie Awards are this weekend (broadcasting live on Sun., June 5, 9PM ET), and... Read more

15 things we learned on the set of the green hornet

15 Things We Learned on the Set of 'The Green Hornet'

Going green is about to get even cooler. Sure there's the environment and that 'Green Lantern' guy, but... Read more

iron man 2 scoop from robert downey jr director jon favreau and amp marvel s kevin feige

'Iron Man 2' Scoop from Robert Downey Jr., Director Jon Favreau & Marvel's Kevin Feige

The anticipation for 'Iron Man 2' is so insane, things were already getting heated among the masses waiting... Read more

jennifer lopez talks love babies and amp the back up plan video

Jennifer Lopez Talks Love, Babies & 'The Back-up Plan' (VIDEO)

She's not playing a hot hotel housekeeper, a no-nonsense wedding planner or a tough US Marshall -- in... Read more

barry munday stars talk douchebags losers and amp true love video

'Barry Munday' Stars Talk Douchebags, Losers & True Love (VIDEO)

Everyone knows a guy like 'Barry Munday' -- always hitting on ladies, happy hours at TGI Fridays every... Read more

elektra luxx carla gugino malin akerman and amp emmanuelle chriqui anyone video

'Elektra Luxx': Carla Gugino, Malin Akerman & Emmanuelle Chriqui Anyone? (VIDEO)

Porn stars, call girls, lesbians, surprise pregnancies, slutty stewardesses, ladies who lunch looking... Read more

moviefone sxsw recap hear from the stars at the biggest premieres video

Moviefone SXSW Recap: Hear From the Stars at the Biggest Premieres (VIDEO)

Moviefone was happy to sponsor one of the coolest film festivals around: SXSW in Austin, Texas. And since... Read more

edward norton and amp tim blake nelson talk leaves of grass going south and amp more video

Edward Norton & Tim Blake Nelson Talk 'Leaves of Grass,' Going South & More (VIDEO)

'Leaves of Grass' is a quirky and sometimes bizarre little festival movie that just so happens to have... Read more

our super kick ass interview with aaron johnson and amp christopher mintz plasse video

Our Super 'Kick-Ass' Interview With Aaron Johnson & Christopher Mintz-Plasse (VIDEO)

We've got a few more weeks before 'Kick-Ass' hits theaters, but you should prepare yourself for the inevitable... Read more

macgruber stars on classic macgruber getting romantic and amp loving veggies video

'MacGruber' Stars On Classic MacGruber, Getting Romantic & Loving Veggies (VIDEO)

Admit it: When you heard they were making a 'MacGruber' movie, you laughed. And probably not in a good... Read more

john c reilly and amp jonah hill talk cyrus garry marshall and amp being birthed by marisa tomei video

John C. Reilly & Jonah Hill Talk 'Cyrus,' Garry Marshall & Being Birthed By Marisa Tomei (VIDEO)

Between showing off his Garry Marshall impersonation, regaling the imaginary joys of being birthed by... Read more

precious director lee daniels on spike oprah and amp drunk mariah video

'Precious' Director Lee Daniels On Spike, Oprah & Drunk Mariah - VIDEO

In the Oscar best picture race, there are the giants (um, 'Avatar') versus the smaller passion projects.... Read more

the wolfman stars on accents being badass painful costumes and amp hairy transformations

'The Wolfman' Stars On Accents, Being Badass, Painful Costumes & Hairy Transformations

Remaking Lon Chaney Jr's 1941 classic, 'The Wolf Man,' is no easy task. Besides making sure you please... Read more

emily blunt on her goof leading wolfman that recent oscar snub and amp the importance of bras

Emily Blunt on Her "Goof" Leading 'Wolfman,' That Recent Oscar Snub & The Importance of Bras

You might know her as 'The Young Victoria.' Or Meryl Streep's brilliantly tragic assistant Emily in 'The... Read more

oscar voting changes academy will rank 10 best picture nominees

Oscar Voting Changes: Academy Will Rank 10 Best Picture Nominees

You might imagine Academy Award voters as old film buffs, tucked away in a locked room somewhere, closing... Read more

g i joe the rise of cobra cast video interviews

'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra' Cast Video Interviews

If you were a product of the '80s, 'G.I. Joe' was no doubt a large part of your childhood. But the big... Read more

preview iron man 2 set visit

Preview: 'Iron Man 2' Set Visit

What did you do yesterday? Oh, it doesn't matter, because my day was probably infinitely better. Not... Read more