Michael Hogan

Michael Hogan

harvey weinstein my marilyn is sexy beautiful and fun to be around

Harvey Weinstein: My 'Marilyn' Is Sexy, Beautiful, and Fun to Be Around

In case you haven't noticed, this is Harvey Weinstein's time of year. All year long, he has been... Read more

viggo mortensen a dangerous method taught me how to talk in a movie

Viggo Mortensen: 'A Dangerous Method' Taught Me How to Talk in a Movie

David Cronenberg isn't necessarily the first director you'd expect to make a movie about the war... Read more

new moviefone homepage your handy guide to our front page facelift

New Moviefone Homepage: Your Handy Guide to Our Front Page Facelift

By now you've probably noticed that the Moviefone homepage has a fresh new look. (If you came in through... Read more

what do youtube s new celebrity channels mean for movies and tv

What Do YouTube's New Celebrity Channels Mean for Movies and TV?

Psst! Hey, smart guy, did you get your million-dollar advance from YouTube? If not, why not? According... Read more

yes like crazy director drake doremus did have a doomed long distance marriage

Yes, 'Like Crazy' Director Drake Doremus Did Have a Doomed Long-Distance Marriage

People tend to react in one of two ways to 'Like Crazy,' the Sundance-approved long-distance-relationship... Read more

why the heinous experience of going to movie theaters could kill the film industry

Why the 'Heinous' Experience of Going to Movie Theaters Could Kill the Film Industry

You probably don't know Bob Lefsetz, but if you depended on the decimated music business to make a... Read more

do hollywood celebrities have a right to occupy wall street

Do Hollywood Celebrities Have a Right to Occupy Wall Street?

In a Sunday 'The New York Times' column titled 'Hollywood on Wall Street,' former food critic Frank... Read more

roland emmerich says it was his idea to move anonymous to limited release

Roland Emmerich Says It Was His Idea to Move 'Anonymous' to Limited Release

During an on-the-record lunch with journalists at the Sony Building, in Midtown Manhattan, 'Anonymous'... Read more

was shakespeare a fraud anonymous screenwriter john orloff sure thinks so

Was Shakespeare a Fraud? 'Anonymous' Screenwriter John Orloff Sure Thinks So

Sony has been promoting Roland Emmerich's upcoming literary thriller 'Anonymous' with the Joker-esque... Read more

presidents clinton and bartlet watch the way together

Presidents Clinton and Bartlet Watch 'The Way' Together

Last night, a well-to-do crowd of generous New Yorkers enjoyed a rare opportunity to hang out with... Read more

look out will ferrell zach galifianakis wants to play ignatius reilly

Look Out, Will Ferrell: Zach Galifianakis Wants to Play Ignatius Reilly

Hollywood has spent nearly 30 years sniffing around 'A Confederacy of Dunces,' the posthumously published... Read more

at 50th anniversary screening of breakfast at tiffany s julie andrews says holly golightly was no heavy hooker

At 50th Anniversary Screening of 'Breakfast at Tiffany's', Julie Andrews Says Holly Golightly Was No 'Heavy Hooker'

The question of whether Holly Golightly -- the irresistibly unattainable city girl played by Audrey... Read more

drive unscripted ryan gosling and nicolas winding refn answer to jesus

'Drive' Unscripted: Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn Answer to Jesus

Is this the worst 'Unscripted' ever? Ryan Gosling is afraid it might be, but Moviefone HQ kind of... Read more

5 things i learned at tiff morbid laughs maniacal women rogue planets and more

5 Things I Learned at TIFF: Morbid Laughs, Maniacal Women, Rogue Planets, and More

The Toronto International Film Festival continues through Sunday, but the long opening weekend is... Read more

tiff review moneyball strokes solid triple

TIFF Review: 'Moneyball' Strokes Solid Triple

When Brad Pitt optioned 'Moneyball,' the book's author, Michael Lewis, reportedly told him, 'I don't... Read more

why some french movie posters are better than ours

Why (Some) French Movie Posters Are Better Than Ours

France may be the homeland of Truffaut and Godard, but it's also the place whereJerry Lewis is... Read more

will arnett has a good reason for saying he can t speculate about the arrested development movie plot

Will Arnett Has a Good Reason for Saying He "Can't Speculate" About the Arrested Development Movie Plot

If an 'Arrested Development' movie actually gets made, it will surely be the most avidly anticipated... Read more

video the real latif yahia portrayed by dominic cooper in devil s double speaks out

Video: The Real Latif Yahia, Portrayed by Dominic Cooper in 'Devil's Double,' Speaks Out

The easiest way to describe 'Devil's Double,' Lee Tamahori's disturbing film about Saddam Hussein's... Read more

video discussion is the help part of the racial equality solution or part of the problem

Video Discussion: Is 'The Help' Part of the Racial-Equality Solution, or Part of the Problem?

I saw 'The Help' at a daytime screening two weeks ago, and I've never been more grateful to be in... Read more