Mike Bracken

Mike Bracken

quick hits attack the block gets distribution 300 sequel update

Quick Hits: 'Attack the Block' Gets Distribution; '300' Sequel Update

SXSW Audience Award winner 'Attack the Block' has been picked up for distribution by Sony Screen... Read more

dish network buys bankrupt blockbuster

Dish Network Buys Bankrupt Blockbuster

If you were planning dipping into your rainy-day fund on the off chance you might have been able... Read more

update no calorie counts at movie theater concession stands

Update: No Calorie Counts at Movie Theater Concession Stands

Theater owners have had a tough go of it lately: First it was announced that studios were rolling... Read more

patrick dempsey wants to play dr strange

Patrick Dempsey Wants to Play Dr. Strange

Marvel Studios has a full plate at the moment; 'Captain America: The First Avenger' and 'Thor' are... Read more

quick hits logan s run lands a writer james franco plans new project

Quick Hits: 'Logan's Run' Lands a Writer; James Franco Plans New Project

L.A. cop turned screenwriter Will Beall signs on to pen Warner Bros. Logan's Run remake. Beall joins... Read more

shane black not writing iron man 3 does it matter

Shane Black Not Writing 'Iron Man 3' -- Does It Matter?

Last month, the Internet was atwitter with the news that Shane Black -- the man who gave us the screenplay... Read more

would you buy a scarface dvd for 1 000

Would You Buy a 'Scarface' DVD for $1,000?

If we've learned anything from years of watching MTV's 'Cribs,' it's that you haven't really made... Read more

quick hits mtv unveils the worst prom ever bryan cranston is total recall remake villain

Quick Hits: MTV Unveils 'The Worst Prom Ever'; Bryan Cranston is 'Total Recall' Remake Villain

- Ridley Scott may currently be busy with the one-time 'Alien' prequel 'Prometheus' (which is now a... Read more

head back to isla nublar in this jurassic park the game developer diary

Head Back to Isla Nublar in This 'Jurassic Park: The Game' Developer Diary

It's hard to believe that it's been 18 years since 'Jurassic Park' made its theatrical debut, but if... Read more

prime focus to convert star wars episode i to 3d what else have they done

Prime Focus to Convert 'Star Wars Episode I' to 3D -- What Else Have They Done?

We remain unconvinced that converting 'Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace' to 3D will make the... Read more

an update on howard stern s porky s remake

An Update on Howard Stern's 'Porky's' Remake

Howard Stern, the self-proclaimed 'King of All Media,' has been talking about launching a remake... Read more

quick hits the rum diary gets a release date world war z is alive

Quick Hits: 'The Rum Diary' Gets a Release Date; 'World War Z' Is Alive!

'The Tree of Life,' the Brad Pitt and Terence Malick collaboration, has a spiffy new poster full of clickable... Read more

rockstar games l a noire becomes first video game chosen to play tribeca film festival

Rockstar Games' 'L.A. Noire' Becomes First Video Game Chosen to Play Tribeca Film Festival

The 'video games as art' movement just got a huge boost today, thanks to an announcement that Rockstar... Read more

should warner wait before planning a new justice league movie

Should Warner Wait Before Planning a New 'Justice League' Movie?

Last we heard, Warner Bros.' big-screen 'Justice League' film was deader than George Washington --... Read more

james cameron to bring avatar 2 cast to meet brazilian tribes

James Cameron to Bring 'Avatar 2' Cast to Meet Brazilian Tribes

Last week, sources were saying James Cameron's plans to take a submersible to the deepest part of... Read more

child s play remake to relaunch franchise with darker spin updated

'Child's Play' Remake to Relaunch Franchise With Darker Spin (Updated)

UPDATE: Collider tells us via MGM that, despite reports, there are currently no plans to remake Child's... Read more

the weinstein co launch videogame label five games we want to play

The Weinstein Co. Launch Videogame Label -- Five Games We Want to Play

Bob and Harvey Weinstein have made quite a career for themselves in the movie industry. Back in '79... Read more

skyline director talks war of the ages it s like lord of the rings meets gladiator

'Skyline' Director Talks 'War of the Ages': 'It's Like 'Lord of the Rings' Meets 'Gladiator''

The Strause Brothers' alien invasion flick 'Skyline' didn't really live up to expectations financially.... Read more

bryan singer says he made superman returns for devil wears prada audience

Bryan Singer Says He Made 'Superman Returns' for 'Devil Wears Prada' Audience

With Zack Snyder's 'Superman' reboot dominating the headlines lately (hurray for casting news!),... Read more

american pie 4 story details revealed jim is a youtube star

'American Pie 4' Story Details Revealed: Jim Is a YouTube Star

Hard to believe it's been over 10 years since 'American Pie' helped bring back the raunchy R-rated... Read more