Monika Bartyzel

Monika Bartyzel

beginners director mike mills on his dad coming out mortality and self discovery

'Beginners' Director Mike Mills on His Dad Coming Out, Mortality and Self-Discovery

'Thumbsucker' director Mike Mills is back in theaters with his second feature film, 'Beginners.' A... Read more

buck at hot docs move over cesar millan the horse whisperer is here

'Buck' at Hot Docs: Move Over Cesar Millan, the Horse Whisperer Is Here

'Buck' is the kind of sweet, easily enjoyable film that grows on you. It might focus on the inspiration... Read more

becoming chaz at hot docs an exploratory look at transitioning

'Becoming Chaz' at Hot Docs: An Exploratory Look at Transitioning

There's a certain amount of tabloid curiosity surrounding 'Becoming Chaz,' and it's no surprise. This... Read more

the conspirator an historic who s who

'The Conspirator': An Historic Who's Who

President Abraham Lincoln's story is on the rise in Hollywood. Ol' Honest Abe is set to fight the fangs... Read more

hot docs 2011 preview guide g z from the hell of iraq to wiebo s war

Hot Docs 2011 Preview Guide G-Z: From the Hell of Iraq to 'Wiebo's War'

'The Greatest Movie Ever Sold' FOR: Ad fiends THINK: 'Super Size Me' meets 'Everyone in... Read more

hot docs 2011 preview guide a f a tribe called quest to cynical optimism

Hot Docs 2011 Preview Guide A-F: A Tribe Called Quest to Cynical Optimism

One of the best fests (and our favorite) for movie fanatics is Toronto's Hot Docs Canadian International... Read more

zach braff talks the high cost of living

Zach Braff Talks 'The High Cost of Living'

Last time most of us saw Zach Braff, he was fighting off 'The Ex' and zipping through his final days... Read more

the high cost of living according to director deborah chow

'The High Cost of Living' According to Director Deborah Chow

First-time filmmaker Deborah Chow hit the TIFF scene last September with 'The High Cost of Living'... Read more

is scream 4 actually scary

Is 'Scream 4' Actually Scary?

In 1996 the phone rang, Drew Barrymore's Casey Becker was terrorized, and the horror world received... Read more

hanna hollywood and the redefinition of the blonde bombshell

'Hanna,' Hollywood and the Redefinition of the 'Blonde Bombshell'

It's been said that blondes have more fun. For years -- millennia -- blond hair has been a signifier... Read more

cinematical is hosting an l a screening of max winkler s ceremony

Cinematical Is Hosting an L.A. Screening of Max Winkler's 'Ceremony'

Attention, Los Angeles readers! Cinematical has teamed up with Magnolia Pictures to offer an advanced... Read more

pg 13 king s speech kinda f bombs at box office

PG-13 'King's Speech' Kinda F-Bombs at Box Office

This weekend saw more than just the Easter Bunny zipping onto screens with 'Hop.' It also marked the... Read more

phew vanilla ice is doing mainstream movies again

Phew -- Vanilla Ice Is Doing Mainstream Movies Again

The reach of Vanilla Ice knows no bounds. In 1990, 'Ice Ice Baby' led his breakout album to become the... Read more

cinematical originals faulty easter history in hop to time traveling paradoxes

Cinematical Originals: Faulty Easter History in 'Hop' to Time Traveling Paradoxes

Zip out for the weekend before our great Friday night content? Miss a day of movie coverage? Check... Read more

steve carell and keira knightley to star in apocalyptic rom com

Steve Carell and Keira Knightley to Star in Apocalyptic Rom-Com

What do you do after you leave 'The Office'? It seems that you face the apocalypse and a possible romance... Read more

amy adams thinks lois lane is powerful do you

Amy Adams Thinks Lois Lane Is Powerful, Do You?

Over the weekend we learned that three-time Oscar nominee Amy Adams would play Clark Kent's classic... Read more

bill murray to play franklin d roosevelt

Bill Murray to Play Franklin D. Roosevelt

It's been a long while since Bill Murray has taken on a real serious role. Even in his more dramatic... Read more

miss marple rant jennifer garner is not a spinster

'Miss Marple' Rant: Jennifer Garner Is Not a Spinster

UPDATE: Either the Christie estate is listening to its disgruntled fans, or Disney spoke too soon. Deadline... Read more

dark shadows casts johnny depp clone to play younger version of barnabas collins

'Dark Shadows' Casts Johnny Depp Clone to Play Younger Version of Barnabas Collins

As production on Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows' barrels toward its April start, the solid sea of talent... Read more

girls on film faux feminism in sucker punch

Girls on Film: Faux Feminism in 'Sucker Punch'

Welcome to Girls on Film -- a Monday-night Cinematical column full of female-centric musing, rants,... Read more