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Moviefone Staff

this october horror movies head outside at street food cinema 2016

This October, Horror Movies Head Outside at Street Food Cinema 2016

Your love of horror movies and the great outdoors are colliding in Los Angeles this October. Street... Read more

which stranger things character are you quiz

Which 'Stranger Things' Character Are You? [QUIZ]

Netflix's 'Stranger Things' is nothing short of a nostalgia-fueled phenomenon. Not only has the show... Read more

how did these grey s anatomy characters die quiz

How Did These 'Grey's Anatomy' Characters Die? [QUIZ]

Why, 'Grey's Anatomy'? Why?!!! Sure, you can rely on Shonda Rhimes's blessed hospital drama to deliver... Read more

which harry potter character are you quiz

Which 'Harry Potter' Character Are You? [QUIZ]

As 'Harry Potter' fans, we've all imagined what it would be like to attend Hogwarts, battle Voldemort,... Read more

awesome 90s movies head outdoors at street food cinema 2016

Awesome '90s Movies Head Outdoors at Street Food Cinema 2016

Your love of '90s movies and the outdoors are colliding in Los Angeles this summer. Street Food Cinema... Read more

where stranger things season 2 could and should be headed

Where 'Stranger Things' Season 2 Could (and Should) Be Headed

If you've watched the new Netflix limited series 'Stranger Things' (and judging from the speculation... Read more

printable emmys ballot 2016 emmy award nominees

Printable Emmys Ballot: 2016 Emmy Award Nominees

Looking for a printable 2016 Emmys ballot? We've got you covered. Click on the ballot below to download... Read more

this is what happens when viral videos become blockbusters

This Is What Happens When Viral Videos Become Blockbusters

You got viral videos in my blockbuster! You got a blockbuster in my viral videos! And so begins the... Read more

Street Food Cinema's 2016 Schedule

If you're in the Los Angeles area, be sure to check out the crazy awesome outdoor screenings organized... Read more

17 problems only game of thrones fans can understand

17 Problems Only 'Game of Thrones' Fans Can Understand

Us 'Game of Thrones' fans are gluttons for punishment. Week after week, we count down the hours until... Read more

moviefone presents street food cinema 2016 in los angeles

Moviefone Presents Street Food Cinema 2016 in Los Angeles

Summer is here (well, technically it starts June 20th), which means lots of sun, beach-going, and outdoor... Read more

11 things we learned from the set of the legend of tarzan

11 Things We Learned From the Set of 'The Legend of Tarzan'

Two years ago we were invited to the set of 'The Legend of Tarzan' (then shooting under the far pulpier... Read more

moviefone s happy trailer fun time coming in 2016

Moviefone's 'Happy Trailer Fun Time' Coming in 2016

Coming soon to any Internet-connected device near you... What do you get when the biggest blockbusters... Read more

tmnt out of the shadows stars megan fox and amp stephen amell are smokin hot in our exclusive photos

'TMNT: Out of the Shadows' Stars Megan Fox & Stephen Amell Are Smokin' Hot in Our Exclusive Photos

When you've got a cast this good-looking, you have to make a sequel. In March, 'Teenage Mutant Ninja... Read more

zootopia infographic disney s wild new movie by the numbers

'Zootopia' Infographic: Disney's Wild New Movie by the Numbers

How many animators did it take to make Disney's 'Zootopia'? How many brothers and sisters does Officer... Read more

chris rock s 9 best moments from the 2016 oscars

Chris Rock's 9 Best Moments From the 2016 Oscars

Chris Rock was announced for the gig of hosting the Academy Awards long before the nominations were revealed,... Read more

oscars 2016 watch chris rock s hilarious opening monologue

Oscars 2016: Watch Chris Rock's Hilarious Opening Monologue

There was a clear winner of this year's Academy Awards before a single statue was ever handed out. And... Read more

ex machina is the lowest budget visual effects oscar winner since alien

'Ex Machina' Is the Lowest-Budget Visual Effects Oscar Winner Since 'Alien'

One of the biggest upsets of the Academy Awards this year was also one of the flat-out geekiest: in the... Read more

the thank you scroll is the best thing to happen to the oscars since color tv

The 'Thank You' Scroll Is the Best Thing to Happen to the Oscars Since Color TV

This year's Academy Awards had an exciting new flourish: a scroll that would run underneath the winners,... Read more

oscars 2016 kate winslet and leonardo dicaprio reunited on the red carpet and it feels so good

Oscars 2016: Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio Reunited on the Red Carpet (and It Feels So Good)

Ah, our hearts will go on! After starring in one of the greatest, most beloved (and most Academy Award-winning)... Read more