Myriam Gabriel-Pollock

Myriam Gabriel-Pollock

meet the breaking dawn cast of newbie vampires

Meet the 'Breaking Dawn' Cast of Newbie Vampires

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Meet Kimbra Hickey, the Woman Behind The 'Twilight' Hands

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Celebrate Bella Swan's Birthday By Seeing 'Eclipse' in Theaters

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Best of 'Twilight' Unscripted

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Want to See 'Eclipse' With the Cast of 'Twilight'? Here's Your Chance!

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The 'Twilight' Saga: A to Z

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New 'Eclipse' TV Clip: Edward and Jacob Almost Fight

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he is a superhero new preview of robert pattinson comic bio

He IS a Superhero! New Preview of Robert Pattinson Comic-Bio

Usually they make movies out of comic book heroes. Now they make comic books out of movie actors. Bluewater... Read more

new trailer for twilight eclipse debuts can we get another omg

New Trailer for 'Twilight: Eclipse' Debuts (Can We Get Another OMG?)

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check out the first official eclipse poster plus some fan made ones

Check Out the First Official 'Eclipse' Poster, Plus Some Fan-Made Ones

The first official poster for 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' was released by Summit Entertainment yesterday,... Read more

5 ideas for your new moon viewing party

5 Ideas For Your 'New Moon' Viewing Party

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'Repo Men' Movie Reviews

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The 'Twilight In Forks' Filmmakers Talk Fandom and Small Town Folk

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No Klingons Allowed: A Fan's Experience at The Official 'Twilight' Convention

The folks at Creation Entertainment are experts at organizing fan conventions. After all, they've been... Read more