Pamela Chelin

Pamela Chelin

valentine s day i d rather knife myself through the heart

'Valentine's Day'? I'd Rather Knife Myself Through the Heart

I hope all you Canadians, whom I miss so dearly (that is not sarcasm), had a lovely Valentine's Day.... Read more

dear john a sweet valentine s day treat for the young or young at heart

'Dear John' a Sweet Valentine's Day Treat for the Young (or Young at Heart)

In honour of Valentine's Day, I went to see 'Dear John', a romance directed by Lasse Hallstrom ('Chocolat,'... Read more

amelia crash lands

'Amelia' Crash Lands

One of the latest releases on DVD is 'Amelia', the story of legendary pilot Amelia Earhart, a pioneer... Read more

edge of darkness edge of boredom

'Edge of Darkness'. Edge of Boredom

Another day, another cop film. Yup. Here we go. Welcome to 'Edge of Darkness' (a re-make of a BBC miniseries... Read more

the ugly truth that ain t no lie

'The Ugly Truth'. That Ain't No Lie.

I am writing this column from my Ikea bed with a pounding headache. I am sick with bronchitis and,... Read more

extraordinary measures extra ordinary

'Extraordinary Measures': Extra Ordinary

While the relentless rain continued in Los Angeles last week, I headed out to Arclight Hollywood during... Read more

fall in love with leap year

Fall in Love With 'Leap Year'

It was pouring in LA yesterday. It has been raining for two days and it's supposed to continue all week.... Read more

2010 golden globes it s raining statuettes

2010 Golden Globes: It's Raining Statuettes

Well, it was the 67th annual 'We Are So Great, Rich and Famous, We Should Receive More Recognition'...... Read more

the golden globes love nine me not so much

The Golden Globes Love 'Nine.' Me? Not So Much

So, the Golden Globes, the first of billions of entertainment awards shows taking place in 2010, air... Read more

youth in revolt ok cera cera

'Youth in Revolt'. OK, Cera, Cera

'Another coming of age film starring Michael Cera. Yawn. I can't wait.' That's what ran through my... Read more

a delightfully un victorian victorian film

A Delightfully Un-Victorian Victorian Film

When I was invited to see 'The Young Victoria', I wasn't in the mood to sit through yet another grand... Read more

mama don t let your babies grow up to be cowboys

Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys

When I told my best friend Brooke that I was going to see 'Crazy Heart' (written and directed by Scott... Read more

books not screenplays in la

Books, Not Screenplays, in LA?

If you have seen the darkly comic 'Bring It On', you have never been able to look at cheerleaders in... Read more

pee wee plays house in la

Pee-wee Plays House in LA

On Monday, I woke up to a strange circumstance in Los Angeles. What, exactly, was coming down from the... Read more

everybody s fine i m fine but i m crying

'Everybody's Fine': I'm Fine. But I'm Crying

I was in a great mood on Tuesday afternoon. I slept in a little bit. OK, a lot. I opened my bedroom curtains... Read more

never judge a movie rental by its cover

Never Judge a Movie Rental By Its Cover

Sometimes, on weekends, I stay home with a rented film. On weekends here in LA, the bars are overly packed... Read more

universal studios to tour or not not

Universal Studios: To Tour or Not? Not.

As a wee Canadian girl, I would hear and fantasize about visiting Universal Studios in Los Angeles. The... Read more

partying with the nfb and the consul general of canada

Partying with the NFB and The Consul General of Canada

Last night I was invited to celebrate the National Film Board of Canada's (NFB) 70th anniversary shindig... Read more

the twilight saga new moon psychosis is there xanax for that

'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' Psychosis: Is There Xanax for That?

Let the frenzy begin. It is almost upon us. The madness is building. There are Twi-tards, Twi-lighters,... Read more

what time is it no one knows since no one has a hamilton watch

What Time Is It? No One Knows, Since No One Has a Hamilton Watch

It's just not a normal Sunday night in Los Angeles unless you attend an awards ceremony. Two nights ago,... Read more