Ronnie Koenig

Ronnie Koenig

lars von trier s business partner curbs taxi driver remake rumors

Lars von Trier's Business Partner Curbs 'Taxi Driver' Remake Rumors

Over the weekend, the Internet was abuzz with rumors that heavyweight directors Martin Scorsese and Lars... Read more

you could be in next hugh jackman movie if you re a young teenage boy

YOU Could Be in Next Hugh Jackman Movie (If YOU'RE a Young Teenage Boy)

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steve buscemi on scratch off tickets and spontaneous lap dances in saint john of las vegas

Steve Buscemi on Scratch-Off Tickets and Spontaneous Lap Dances in 'Saint John of Las Vegas'

In 'Saint John of Las Vegas,' Steve Buscemi takes a break from playing the kooky, criminal supporting... Read more

robert downey jr the grown up girl s sex symbol

Robert Downey Jr.: The Grown-Up Girl's Sex Symbol

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the lovely bones an adaptation that dishonors the book

'The Lovely Bones': An Adaptation That Dishonors the Book

In Alice Sebold's 2002 novel, narrator Susie Salmon says that until her rape and murder, her family never... Read more

jeff bridges on crazy heart lebowski fest and tron legacy

Jeff Bridges on 'Crazy Heart,' Lebowski Fest and 'Tron Legacy'

Jeff Bridges is that rare type of actor who is both amazingly gifted and extremely down to earth. The... Read more

jennifer aniston may play adam sandler s pretend wife

Jennifer Aniston May Play Adam Sandler's 'Pretend Wife'

Jennifer Aniston is in talks to appear opposite Adam Sandler in the upcoming 'Pretend Wife,' according... Read more

robert de niro shows his really soft side in everybody s fine

Robert De Niro Shows His (Really) Soft Side in 'Everybody's Fine'

Tough. Violent. Psychotic. These are words that we normally associate with Robert De Niro characters.... Read more

the hangover 2 what should the plot be

'The Hangover 2': What Should the Plot Be?

Even before this summer's Vegas-bachelor-party comedy 'The Hangover' was released in theaters, studio... Read more

jeremy piven kate walsh tackle drama in waska

Jeremy Piven, Kate Walsh Tackle Drama in 'Waska'

Jeremy Piven and Kate Walsh are set to star in the indie drama 'Waska,' based on the novel 'Angels Crest'... Read more

do little girls still care about disney princesses

Do Little Girls Still Care About Disney Princesses?

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moviefone s unsexiest men alive

Moviefone's UnSexiest Men Alive

Johnny Depp was officially named People's Sexiest Man Alive 2009, which got us thinking -- who are the... Read more