Sarah Dean

Sarah Dean

angelina jolie to star as marilyn monroe

Angelina Jolie to star as Marilyn Monroe

Iconic actress Marilyn Monroe will have the final years of her life played out on screen by Angelina... Read more

knight and day movie review we give our verdict

Knight And Day Movie Review: We Give Our Verdict

Tom Cruise stars as renegade spy, Roy Miller, who bumps into - and falls in love with - the slightly... Read more

gainsbourg movie review we give our verdict

Gainsbourg Movie Review: We Give Our Verdict

Gainsbourg - in cinemas from today - is an artistic take on the life of musician, artist, writer and... Read more

video blog cosmos shoes and sex and the city 2

VIDEO BLOG: Cosmos, Shoes and Sex and the City 2

PA It's the moment women have been waiting for (apparently) for two years – the release of... Read more

jake gyllenhaal and gemma arterton talk prince of persia video

Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton Talk Prince Of Persia (VIDEO)

Together they make up two of the most lusted after stars in Hollywood and now they've teamed up in... Read more

meet george sampson flawless and the stars of streetdance 3d video interviews

Meet George Sampson, Flawless and the stars of StreetDance 3D (VIDEO INTERVIEWS)

As a film journalist it's not all that often you hang out with dancers for the day, take part in a... Read more

streetdance 3d review we give our verdict

StreetDance 3D Review: We Give Our Verdict

The world's first 3D dance film - boasting Britain's Got Talent's star dancers George Sampson, Flawless... Read more

titans clash at epic world premiere and we were there

Titans Clash At Epic World Premiere... And We Were There

It's not every day London's Leicester Square is transformed into ancient Greece, complete with stone... Read more

the spy next door review we give our verdict

The Spy Next Door Review: We Give Our Verdict

Martial arts master Jackie Chan takes on the role of a babysitting undercover spy in director Brian Levant's... Read more

tarantino violence is so good in cinema

Tarantino: 'Violence Is So Good' In Cinema

Quentin Tarantino, lover of blood and gore, has praised violence in cinema and admitted he will not give... Read more

sam mendes to direct new bond movie

Sam Mendes to Direct New Bond Movie?

He may not have an action film bone in his body but Sam Mendes has been given the chance to direct the... Read more

get a first look behind the scenes of robin hood video

Get a First Look Behind The Scenes of Robin Hood (VIDEO)

Russell Crowe reminds us just how impressive he is on horseback in this special behind-the-scenes video... Read more

disney s boob advert banned

Disney's Boob Advert Banned

An online advert for Disney's Adventureland movie has been banned because it showed a woman with the... Read more

sigourney weaver leaks ghostbusters 3 plot

Sigourney Weaver Leaks Ghostbusters 3 Plot

You'd think Sigourney Weaver would be well rehearsed in press etiquette by now. But the esteemed actress... Read more

brad and angelina take son to mandela film premiere

Brad and Angelina Take Son to Mandela Film Premiere

Brangelina's eldest son Maddox made his film premiere debut last week. But the lucky eight-year-old didn't... Read more

very sexy nude scene set for last harry potter film

'Very Sexy' Nude Scene set for Last Harry Potter Film

Fans of the teen wizard franchise are set to see a once innocent Harry Potter and Hermione in a 'very... Read more

x factor the movie anyone

X Factor: The Movie anyone?

Wannabe pop-stars often arrive on our screens in reality talent shows hoping to be turned into international... Read more

woody allen to make carla bruni a movie star

Woody Allen to Make Carla Bruni a Movie Star

Woody Allen has offered Carla Bruni - supermodel turned singer and wife of the French president - a chance... Read more

peter jackson says tintin movie is finished

Peter Jackson Says Tintin Movie is Finished

Stephen Spielberg's adventure film Tintin is finished, but it will take another two years of post-production... Read more

johnny depp becomes highest earning actor

Johnny Depp Becomes Highest-Earning Actor

Dashing pirate Johnny Depp has become Hollywood's current highest-earning actor after securing a £21... Read more