Scott Weinberg

Scott Weinberg

girl walks into a bar sxsw review breezy and quick witted

'Girl Walks Into a Bar' SXSW Review: Breezy and Quick-Witted

One need not be all that familiar with Sebastien Gutierrez' 'Women in Trouble' or 'Elektra Luxx' to... Read more

source code review a moment worth reliving

'Source Code' Review: A Moment Worth Reliving

It takes a lot to impress a science-fiction fan these days. Truly great sci-fi films are few and far... Read more

peter pan begins all over again in proposed prequel

'Peter Pan Begins' All Over Again in Proposed Prequel

Who's ready for another 'Peter Pan' movie? C'mon, 'Hook' was really gr ... well, that P.J. Hogan adaptation... Read more

tim burton and josh brolin eying a return to notre dame

Tim Burton and Josh Brolin Eying a Return to 'Notre Dame'

At this point there's no Tim Burton remake that could surprise us. 'Sleepy Hollow'? 'Planet of the Apes'?... Read more

the bourne legacy eying jake gyllenhaal tobey maguire and more

'The Bourne Legacy' Eying Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire and More

Stories about 'short lists' are becoming quite the trend with the Hollywood press these days, and here... Read more

the bodyguard is finally being remade

'The Bodyguard' Is Finally Being Remade!

Love it, hate it, or barely even remember it, Mick Jackson's 'The Bodyguard' was a pretty massive hit... Read more

fatboy roberts interview funky new magic in great old movie scores

Fatboy Roberts Interview: Funky New Magic in Great Old Movie Scores

Normally I approach 'fan-made' remixes (be they audio, textual, or visual) with a grain of salt,... Read more

louis leterrier to direct sci fi disaster epic g

Louis Leterrier to Direct Sci-Fi Disaster Epic 'G'

French filmmaker Louis Leterrier hit the action scene with the first two 'Transporter' flicks and the... Read more

top 10 weird and wonderful oscar statistics you may have missed

Top 10 Weird and Wonderful Oscar Statistics You May Have Missed

A lot ('The Social Network'!) of the experts ('The King's Speech'!) are obsessed ('The Fighter'!) with... Read more

discuss whom should kevin costner play in superman the man of steel

Discuss: Whom Should Kevin Costner Play in 'Superman: The Man of Steel'?

Yesterday Deadline broke the story that Kevin Costner is up for a role in Zack Snyder's upcoming 'Superman'... Read more

drunken baby proves hilarious in las palmas

Drunken Baby Proves Hilarious in 'Las Palmas'

The following clip is a two-minute excerpt of an upcoming, award-winning Swedish short film called... Read more

bambi blu ray review insert jaw drop here

'Bambi' Blu-Ray Review: Insert Jaw-Drop Here

Here's where I normally mention that, aside from horror films, animated features are my true cinematic... Read more

eli roth and richard kelly to collaborate on corpus christi

Eli Roth and Richard Kelly to Collaborate on 'Corpus Christi'

The Variety report seems hesitant to break out the 'H'-word, but we'll do it: filmmakers Richard Kelly... Read more

best worst movie director s next film will destroy you exclusive interview

'Best Worst Movie' Director's Next Film Will 'Destroy' You! (Exclusive Interview)

The official word just came across from The Hollywood Reporter, but we got the scoop on a fun story... Read more

imagine jack nicholson clint eastwood and amp warren beatty playing retired superheroes

Imagine Jack Nicholson, Clint Eastwood & Warren Beatty Playing Retired Superheroes

He's not even finished in the editing booth for 'X-Men: First Class,' but director Matthew Vaughn ('Layer... Read more

300 sequel xerxes reportedly offered to guy ritchie updated

'300' Sequel 'Xerxes' Reportedly Offered to Guy Ritchie (UPDATED)

If you've been dying for some word, any word, on the inevitable '300' follow-up, we have a semi-scoop... Read more

whoopi goldberg accuses new york times of sloppy journalism

Whoopi Goldberg Accuses New York Times of 'Sloppy Journalism'

One of the big divides you often hear about in the 'print vs. online' debate is that of simple professionalism:... Read more

peter greenaway plans first romantic comedy 4 storms and 2 babies

Peter Greenaway Plans First Romantic Comedy, '4 Storms and 2 Babies'

One of the most interesting filmmakers out there looks to have a new project on the way, according to... Read more

kenneth mars hilarious character actor passes away at 75

Kenneth Mars, Hilarious Character Actor, Passes Away at 75

Hollywood has lost another wonderfully colorful supporting player: The always-enjoyable Kenneth Mars,... Read more

bafta 2011 winners led by king s speech fincher takes director prize

BAFTA 2011 Winners Led by 'King's Speech,' Fincher Takes Director Prize

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTAs) are announcing their annual prize-winners... Read more