Soraya Roberts

Soraya Roberts

trailer fantastic mr fox

Trailer: 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'

Indie director Wes Anderson has traded in his quirky characters (see 'The Royal Tenenbaums' and 'Rushmore')... Read more

trailer paranormal activity

Trailer: 'Paranormal Activity'

Slated to be the next 'Blair Witch Project,' 'Paranormal Activity' is a low-budget romp about a happy... Read more

tiff audience choice award is precious

TIFF Audience Choice Award Is 'Precious'

TORONTO (AP) - A raw film about an abused teen named Precious won the audience choice award at the Toronto... Read more

bright star s ben whishaw turns steadfast

'Bright Star's' Ben Whishaw Turns Steadfast

Ben Whishaw is so thoughtful and soft-spoken that you don't dare interject when he pauses – and... Read more

hot pink horror sean byrne on the loved ones

Hot-Pink Horror: Sean Byrne on 'The Loved Ones'

In 2005, Greg McLean's 'Wolf Creek' introduced a new sub-genre to the horror tradition, that of the Outback... Read more

why terry gilliam can t get it right

Why Terry Gilliam Can't Get it Right

There's a reason Terry Gilliam was nicknamed Captain Chaos. The filmmaker harbours the type of brain... Read more

q and amp a tanner hall stars chris kattan and amy sedaris

Q&A: 'Tanner Hall' Stars Chris Kattan and Amy Sedaris

'Tanner Hall' is exactly the sort of film you think of when you hear the words 'coming-of-age.' It's... Read more

tim blake nelson returns home in leaves of grass

Tim Blake Nelson Returns Home in 'Leaves of Grass'

You have not known what you are; you have slumber'd upon yourself all your life,Your eyelids have been... Read more

fear and loathing in tokyo gaspar noe on enter the void

Fear and Loathing in Tokyo: Gaspar Noe on 'Enter the Void'

It seems fitting that Gaspar Noe's latest film would have a warning sign outside the theatre. This... Read more

together forever and never to part filmmakers and their muses

Together Forever and Never to Part: Filmmakers and Their Muses

With Pedro Almodovar's 'Broken Embraces,' this year's Toronto Film Festival marks the fourth collaboration... Read more

why lars von trier s antichrist is not misogynistic

Why Lars Von Trier's 'Antichrist' Is Not Misogynistic

It's easy to understand why the name Lars Von Trier sets off the ire of countless feminists. If you look... Read more

meet the women behind jennifer s body

Meet the Women Behind 'Jennifer's Body'

The most buzz-worthy horror film at the Toronto film festival (and in Hollywood as a whole) is 'Juno'... Read more

midriffs scare stiff at tiff

Midriffs Scare Stiff at TIFF

Every year, black-clad vampire-loving nighthawks of the underworld come out in droves for the Toronto... Read more

the buzziest films at tiff 2009

The Buzziest Films at TIFF 2009

From September 10 to 19, thousands of media and industry peeps will be descending on the Toronto International... Read more

stars to watch out for in toronto

Stars to Watch Out for in Toronto

For someone as quintessentially American as Oprah, it's hard to imagine she would deign to make an appearance... Read more

introducing dustin milligan

Introducing...Dustin Milligan

Don't go by the pedestrian plain looks of those kids in 'Degrassi,' Canadian stars these days are a lot... Read more