Tim Reeves

Tim Reeves

monty python team set to reunite for new movie

Monty Python Team Set to Reunite for New Movie

Brace yourself for some old-school silliness - it would appear that there's a Monty Python reunion on... Read more

james cameron to build special vehicle for avatar sequel

James Cameron to Build Special Vehicle for Avatar Sequel

Prepare yourself for more blue-faced new age ponderings - this time at 36,000 feet beneath the waves.... Read more

nike unveil patent for back to the future trainers

Nike Unveil Patent for Back to the Future Trainers

Trainer fetishists and time travel enthusiasts rejoice! According to NiceKicks.com, a website dedicated... Read more

the hurt locker to become a reality tv show

The Hurt Locker to Become a Reality TV Show

The Hurt Locker, Kathryn Bigelow's Oscar-grabbing film about a US bomb disposal unit in Irag, has inspired... Read more

why is sean penn dressed like robert smith from the cure

Why is Sean Penn Dressed like Robert Smith from The Cure?

What on earth is Sean Penn up to? Well, far from moonlighting in a Cure cover band, he's busy filming... Read more

leonardo dicaprio to earn over 50 million with inception

Leonardo DiCaprio to Earn 'Over $50 Million' with Inception

What a clever young man. According to Forbes, Leonardo DiCaprio looks set to make around $50 million... Read more

oscar the death predicting cat to be made into a movie

Oscar the Death Predicting Cat to be Made into a Movie

Bored of the psychic octopus but need a new fix of animals with uncanny powers? Well, your luck's in... Read more

ricky gervais announces movie plans for new tv sitcom

Ricky Gervais Announces Movie Plans for New TV Sitcom

Whether you love him, hate him or just get increasingly annoyed at his presence, Ricky Gervais isn't... Read more

saw director faces internet backlash for upcoming 11 11 11 movie

Saw Director Faces Internet Backlash for Upcoming 11 11 11 Movie

You simply can't buy pre-publicity like this. A new numerological horror, based on the '11:11' theory... Read more

scott pilgrim vs the world movie review we give our verdict

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Movie Review: We Give Our Verdict

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - the new film from Edgar Wright and based on a cult graphic novel - is in... Read more

happy birthday sir sean connery turns 80 video

Happy Birthday: Sir Sean Connery Turns 80 (VIDEO)

Sir Sean Connery, the 'greatest living Scotsman' turns 80 today (25th August) and, while Sir Sean has... Read more

who s the movie kill king see the expendables cast body count chart

Who's The Movie Kill King? See 'The Expendables Cast Body Count' Chart

Here's something of interest for all you action film pub bores out there: TermLifeInsurance has produced... Read more

edward furlong ordered to stay away from wife due to threatening voicemails

Edward Furlong Ordered to Stay Away from Wife Due to 'Threatening Voicemails'

Troubled actor Edward Furlong seems to have taken a summer class at the Mel Gibson School of Phone Charm... Read more

universal considering a lord of the rings theme park

Universal Considering a 'Lord Of The Rings' Theme Park

Fancy a weekend break somewhere a little more enchanting than a Travelodge? Well, if internet rumour... Read more

is the deleted scene from return of the jedi a fake video

Is the Deleted Scene from 'Return Of The Jedi' a Fake? (VIDEO)

Can you hear that distant rumbling in a galaxy far far away? That's the Star Wars Universe getting its... Read more

brigitte bardot fights plans for biopic of her life

Brigitte Bardot Fights Plans for Biopic of Her Life

She's had a life of impossible glamour but don't expect to be seeing it on the big screen any time soon.... Read more

elvis presley s granddaughter to star in mad max 4

Elvis Presley's Granddaughter to Star in Mad Max 4?

After 25 years, the original purveyor of road rage, Mad Max, is heading back to our screens for a fourth... Read more

kurt cobain s daughter was offered lead role in twilight says courtney love

Kurt Cobain's Daughter was Offered Lead Role in Twilight Says Courtney Love

Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and Hole leader/general crazy woman, Courtney... Read more

avatar special edition find out what you ll see in those extra nine minutes

Avatar Special Edition: Find Out What You'll See In Those Extra Nine Minutes

James Cameron's Avatar, officially the highest grossing film of all time, is making its way back to our... Read more

clint eastwood joins fight to save the uk film council

Clint Eastwood Joins Fight to Save the UK Film Council

Oh dear, Mr Jeremy Hunt, Culture Secretary and proposed-abolisher of the UK Film Council - you've attracted... Read more

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