Tom Roston

Tom Roston

the scoop on the girl with the dragon tattoo

The Scoop on 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'

Read any good Swedish novels by dead authors about financial corruption lately? If that sounds obscure,... Read more

michael winterbottom finds the promised land

Michael Winterbottom Finds the 'Promised Land'

British director Michael Winterbottom is going to the 'Promised Land,' which is not always such a pretty... Read more

is reboot the new sequel

Is Reboot the New Sequel?

You've got to hand it to them. Hollywood executives are not normally known for their bravery and ability... Read more

humanitarian hollywood international crises portrayed in movies

Humanitarian Hollywood: International Crises Portrayed in Movies

The horrific images coming from Haiti after this week's devastating earthquake should give us all more... Read more

do movie critics still matter

Do Movie Critics Still Matter?

It was like spitting against the wind, or in this case, the tsunami, when Rolling Stone's film critic... Read more

robert zemeckis eyes nutcracker adaptation what will he motion capture next

Robert Zemeckis Eyes 'Nutcracker' Adaptation: What Will He Motion-Capture Next?

Word recently broke that director Robert Zemeckis will soon be adapting 'The Nutcracker,' using his favorite... Read more

movies that aren t nearly as boring as their movie titles make them sound

Movies That Aren't Nearly as Boring as Their Movie Titles Make Them Sound

The new war comedy 'The Men Who Stare at Goats' has the sort of intellectually challenging title that... Read more

clooney s best and amp worst movie roles

Clooney's Best & Worst Movie Roles

In the early '90s, TV star George Clooney transformed himself from sideline dud/e on 'Roseanne' to 'ER's'... Read more

the original movie monsters

The Original Movie Monsters

'Twilight,' 'Vampire Diaries,' 'True Blood,' 'Cirque du Freak.' We're drowning in blood! If we have to... Read more

a brief history of vaughn and amp favreau collaborations

A Brief History of Vaughn & Favreau Collaborations

Abbot and Costello. Martin and Lewis. Favreau and Vaughn? Cinematic buddies have always been a treat;... Read more

good actors bad casting

Good Actors ... Bad Casting

The recent news that Adrien Brody is being cast as the action lead in a new 'Predator' franchise has... Read more