William Goss

William Goss

the basics used cars and satisfying endings

The Basics: 'Used Cars' and Satisfying Endings

Drew McWeeny of HitFix contributed a series of columns about the essential titles that any film fan... Read more

our day will come sxsw review redheads on the run

'Our Day Will Come' SXSW Review: Redheads on the Run

When we first meet Remy (Olivier Barthelemy), he is both literally and figuratively bruised. He is... Read more

beginners sxsw review i love my dead gay dad

'Beginners' SXSW Review: I Love My Dead Gay Dad

This is 2003. This is Oliver (Ewan McGregor). He is an artist whose work nobody appreciates. This is... Read more

kill list sxsw review their sanity in someone else s sights

'Kill List' SXSW Review: Their Sanity in Someone Else's Sights

Well, it's official: Ben Wheatley is Mike Leigh with a far bigger set of huevos. The man's naturalistic... Read more

limitless review this is bradley cooper s brain on drugs

'Limitless' Review: This is Bradley Cooper's Brain on Drugs

Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) is a writer, which is to say that he's a loser. His girlfriend, Lindy... Read more

the beaver sxsw review the good not great depression

'The Beaver' SXSW Review: The Good, Not Great Depression

It seems like a marvel that 'The Beaver' actually exists. Before any of Mel Gibson's off-screen behavior... Read more

bridesmaids sxsw review girls just want to have fun

'Bridesmaids' SXSW Review: Girls Just Want to Have Fun

'Bridesmaids' was presented as a work-in-progress; director Paul Feig prefaced the screening by explaining... Read more

mars needs moms review laughs are also in short supply

'Mars Needs Moms' Review: Laughs Are Also in Short Supply

In some other world, 'Mars Needs Moms' would have settled for being just a family-friendly intergalactic... Read more

take me home tonight review topher grace in that 80s show

'Take Me Home Tonight' Review: Topher Grace in That '80s Show

After four years at M.I.T., Matt Franklin (Topher Grace) doesn't know what he wants to do with his... Read more

just go with it review adam sandler lies his way into love

'Just Go With It' Review: Adam Sandler Lies His Way Into Love

It feels fitting that the soundtrack to Dennis Dugan's 'Just Go with It' consists mostly of mash-ups... Read more

sanctum review short on oxygen suspense and sense

'Sanctum' Review: Short on Oxygen, Suspense and Sense

It's easy to sit back and enjoy the adventure films of the 1950s, '60s and '70s with a detached regard... Read more

sundance 2011 award winners include like crazy another earth pariah

Sundance 2011 Award Winners Include 'Like Crazy,' 'Another Earth,' 'Pariah'

It was already announced yesterday that the sci-fi drama 'Another Earth' took home the Alfred P. Sloan... Read more

the rite review anthony hopkins fights to keep demons cliches at bay

'The Rite' Review: Anthony Hopkins Fights to Keep Demons, Cliches at Bay

'What were you expecting, spinning heads? Pea soup?,' Father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins) asks of both his... Read more

no strings attached review no strings fewer laughs

'No Strings Attached' Review: No Strings, Fewer Laughs

Comedy veteran Ivan Reitman hasn't directed a film since 2006's 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend,' and for his... Read more

country strong review it s the same old song

'Country Strong' Review: It's the Same Old Song

Loaded with denim-coated drama, Shana Feste's 'Country Strong' means well -- maybe too well -- as it... Read more

the a team director reteams with liam neeson for killer wolves movie the grey

'The A-Team' Director Reteams with Liam Neeson for Killer Wolves Movie 'The Grey'

'Overkill is underrated' was the understandable motto of Col. Hannibal Smith (Liam Neeson) in last... Read more

the top 10 guilty pleasure movies of 2010

The Top 10 "Guilty Pleasure" Movies of 2010

Guilty pleasures. Some say there's no such thing. I believe they're out there, though, those junk-food... Read more

gulliver s travels review big man little laughs

'Gulliver's Travels' Review: Big Man, Little Laughs

As based on Jonathan Swift's classic satire, 'Gulliver's Travels' is appropriately construed here as... Read more

the illusionist review magic tricks and melancholy in an animated scotland

'The Illusionist' Review: Magic Tricks and Melancholy in an Animated Scotland

If Sylvain Chomet's 'The Triplets of Belleville' was a rollicking, proudly eccentric adventure, then... Read more

the weekend s reviews the tourist the fighter and more

The Weekend's Reviews: 'The Tourist', 'The Fighter' and More

Everywhere you look this week, there's magic at the movies. On the one hand, children are vanishing... Read more