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  • Chris Cooper

    Born on July 9, 1951 in Kansas City, Missouri

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August: Osage County (2013)

Chris Cooper as "Charles Aiken"

The death and funeral of their father brings three sisters to the home of their mother, Violet (Meryl Streep), an acid-tongued, pill-popping cancer patient. Daughters Barbara (Julia Roberts), Karen (Juliette Lewis) and Ivy (Julianne Nicholson) -- along with their significant others and various other kin -- take the full brunt of their dysfunctional matriarch's venom, for Violet tells every one of them exactly what she thinks of them. Based on the play by Tracy Letts.

Screen Actors Guild Awards (2013) Nominated Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture

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New 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Trailer Swings Online (VIDEO)

Posted by
Drew Taylor on Feb 13th 2014, 8:05AM

Feb 13th 2014, 8:05AM

The New Year's Eve 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Footage Is Shocking (VIDEO)

Posted by
Drew Taylor on Jan 2nd 2014, 6:45AM

Jan 2nd 2014, 6:45AM

'August: Osage County' Review: Who Are the Winners in the Family Battle Royale?

Posted by
Rick Mele on Dec 23rd 2013, 9:00AM

Dec 23rd 2013, 9:00AM

Chris Cooper on Reuniting With Meryl Streep, Family Monsters, and the 'Very Strange Introduction' of Norman Osborn

Posted by
Jenni Miller on Dec 20th 2013, 4:00AM

Dec 20th 2013, 4:00AM

The First 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Trailer Is Electrifying (VIDEO)

Posted by
Drew Taylor on Dec 5th 2013, 5:30AM

Dec 5th 2013, 5:30AM

Willem Dafoe Is Not Happy With 'The Amazing Spider-Man'

Posted by
Katie Roberts on Oct 3rd 2013, 11:30AM

Oct 3rd 2013, 11:30AM

'Amazing Spider-Man 2': Another Villain Rumored to Appear in the Superhero Sequel

Posted by
Drew Taylor on Jun 10th 2013, 8:20AM

Jun 10th 2013, 8:20AM

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Casting: Chris Cooper Is the Green Goblin

Posted by
Tim Hayne on Feb 27th 2013, 10:17AM

Feb 27th 2013, 10:17AM

The Original Ending to 'The Muppets' Was Much Better

Posted by
Mike Ryan on Nov 28th 2011, 8:10AM

Nov 28th 2011, 8:10AM

Is 'The Muppets' Mahna Mahna? (and 24 Other Urgent Mahna Mahnas)

Posted by
Mike Ryan on Nov 23rd 2011, 8:35AM

Nov 23rd 2011, 8:35AM

Chris Cooper on His 'Muppets' Hip-Hop Number: 'I Have a Newfound Respect for That, Man'

Posted by
Mike Ryan on Nov 22nd 2011, 7:50AM

Nov 22nd 2011, 7:50AM

Their Best Role: Chris Cooper

Posted by
Mel Valentin on Dec 22nd 2010, 1:30PM

Dec 22nd 2010, 1:30PM

'The Company Men' and Other Reformed Movie Workaholics

Posted by
Annette Bourdeau on Oct 21st 2010, 4:00PM

Oct 21st 2010, 4:00PM

New Muppet Movie Casts Amy Adams, Chris Cooper and Rashida Jones

Posted by
Harley W. Lond on Oct 14th 2010, 7:41PM

Oct 14th 2010, 7:41PM

Julie Taymor Tackles 'The Tempest' (NYFF Review)

Posted by
Jenni Miller on Oct 2nd 2010, 3:03PM

Oct 2nd 2010, 3:03PM

'The Company Men' Poster Premiere: Ben Affleck and Others Walk an Economic Tightrope

Posted by
Alison Nastasi on Sep 23rd 2010, 11:15AM

Sep 23rd 2010, 11:15AM

'Amigo' Sends John Sayles to the Philippines (TIFF 2010 Review)

Posted by
Monika Bartyzel on Sep 18th 2010, 2:02PM

Sep 18th 2010, 2:02PM

Trailer Park: Kings of Pastry, Miral, Amigo

Posted by
Christopher Campbell on Sep 4th 2010, 2:02PM

Sep 4th 2010, 2:02PM

Cinematical Late Night: Jackass 3D, Hangover 2, Ben Affleck Again

Posted by
Christopher Campbell on Jul 21st 2010, 10:25PM

Jul 21st 2010, 10:25PM

John Sayles' Next Film: 'Amigo' & Its Off-the-Radar Website

Posted by
Monika Bartyzel on Jul 11th 2010, 1:02PM

Jul 11th 2010, 1:02PM

Review: Remember Me

Posted by
Dawn Taylor on Mar 12th 2010, 4:02PM

Mar 12th 2010, 4:02PM

'Remember Me' Movie Reviews

Posted by
Allyssa Lee on Mar 11th 2010, 3:00PM

Mar 11th 2010, 3:00PM

Robert Pattinson, 'Remember Me' Co-Stars Answer Fans in Exclusive Video Interviews

Posted by
Kevin Polowy on Mar 8th 2010, 1:00PM

Mar 8th 2010, 1:00PM

'Remember Me' Scribe Talks 'A Star is Born'

Posted by
Jenni Miller on Feb 28th 2010, 10:32AM

Feb 28th 2010, 10:32AM

Ask 'Remember Me' Stars Robert Pattinson, Pierce Brosnan, Emilie de Ravin and Director Allen Coulter a Question

Posted by
Alicia Roda on Feb 23rd 2010, 8:25AM

Feb 23rd 2010, 8:25AM

Exclusive: Robert Pattinson Cleans Up in 'Remember Me' Shower Scene

Posted by
Mike Scalise on Feb 10th 2010, 5:30PM

Feb 10th 2010, 5:30PM

Sundance Review: The Company Men

Posted by
Erik Davis on Jan 23rd 2010, 12:32PM

Jan 23rd 2010, 12:32PM

The Top 10+ Sundance Movies to Watch

Posted by
Jenni Miller on Jan 18th 2010, 5:02PM

Jan 18th 2010, 5:02PM

Sundance Primer: The Company Men

Posted by
Erik Davis on Jan 13th 2010, 9:02AM

Jan 13th 2010, 9:02AM

Robert Pattinson's 'Remember Me' Trailer Is Released

Posted by
David Ciminelli on Nov 19th 2009, 7:34AM

Nov 19th 2009, 7:34AM

Casting Bites: A 'Tempest', a 'Universal Soldier', and One 'Library Cat'

Posted by
Monika Bartyzel on Nov 15th 2008, 6:02AM

Nov 15th 2008, 6:02AM

'New York, I Love You' Trailer Offers Little Slices of The Big Apple

Posted by
William Goss on Aug 24th 2008, 1:03PM

Aug 24th 2008, 1:03PM

Trailer Premiere: 'Married Life'

Posted by
Erik Davis on Feb 7th 2008, 12:32PM

Feb 7th 2008, 12:32PM

'Married Life' Pic Released, Revealing a 40s-Style Rachel McAdams

Posted by
Christopher Campbell on Jan 18th 2008, 12:32PM

Jan 18th 2008, 12:32PM

Review: The Kingdom -- Ryan's Review

Posted by
Ryan Stewart on Sep 29th 2007, 5:32AM

Sep 29th 2007, 5:32AM

Ryan Phillippe and Eva Green to Star in Futuristic Thriller 'Franklyn'

Posted by
Patrick Walsh on Sep 20th 2007, 1:33PM

Sep 20th 2007, 1:33PM

New Trailer For Peter Berg's 'The Kingdom' Online

Posted by
Ryan Stewart on May 12th 2007, 2:31PM

May 12th 2007, 2:31PM

Review: Breach

Posted by
James Rocchi on Feb 15th 2007, 1:32PM

Feb 15th 2007, 1:32PM

The Kingdom Pushed From Spring To Fall

Posted by
Monika Bartyzel on Feb 7th 2007, 7:03AM

Feb 7th 2007, 7:03AM

Yahoo! Has the Keys to the Kingdom

Posted by
Jessica Barnes on Dec 24th 2006, 12:01PM

Dec 24th 2006, 12:01PM


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