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  • Danny Glover

    Born on July 22, 1946 in San Francisco, California

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Dreamgirls (2006)

Danny Glover as "Marty Madison"

Deena (Beyoncé Knowles),Effie (Jennifer Hudson) and Lorrell (Anika Noni Rose) form a music trio called the Dreamettes. When ambitious manager Curtis Taylor Jr. (Jamie Foxx) spots the act at a talent show, he offers the chance of a lifetime, to be backup singers for a national star (Eddie Murphy). Taylor takes creative control of the group and eventually pushes the singers into the spotlight. However, one becomes the star, forcing another out, which teaches them about the high cost of fame.

Screen Actors Guild Awards (2006) Nominated Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture

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Danny Glover Not Too Old For This: 'Lethal Weapon' Star Speaks at 'Occupy L.A.'

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Shelf Life: The Color Purple

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Trailer Park: Inside Job, The Love of the Hawthorn Tree, Legendary

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Mel Gibson to Return with Lethal Weapon 5?

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Cinematical Seven: Bizarre 'Predator' Facts

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Poll: Are You Pumped for 'Predators'?

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Movie Casting: Madsen Joins 'Red Riding Hood'; Original 'Scream' Voice Is Back

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Summer Scenes We Love: Lethal Weapon 2

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Review: Death at a Funeral

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William Goss on Apr 16th 2010, 5:03AM

Apr 16th 2010, 5:03AM

'Death at a Funeral' Movie Reviews

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New 'Predators' Clip Introduces Adrien Brody's Royce

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Are You Ready for Moby Dragon?

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What Would 'Predators: The Musical' Look Like?

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Danny Glover is Ahab in 'Moby Dick' Re-Imagining 'Dragon Fire'

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Patricia Clarkson, Danny Glover, John Cena to Star in Wrestling Drama

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Harley W. Lond on Dec 8th 2009, 9:00AM

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'Death at a Funeral' Trailer Causes Death to Fun

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'2012' Crashes and Burns

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Entire 'Saw' Series in 300 Words (or Less)

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Parker Posey Helps Save Libraries

Posted by
Monika Bartyzel on Oct 9th 2009, 2:45PM

Oct 9th 2009, 2:45PM

Classic Cameos: Danny Glover in 'Maverick'

Posted by
Elisabeth Rappe on Sep 23rd 2009, 2:15PM

Sep 23rd 2009, 2:15PM

Tracy Morgan and Martin Lawrence Join 'Death at a Funeral' Remake

Posted by
Elisabeth Rappe on Mar 8th 2009, 1:03PM

Mar 8th 2009, 1:03PM

Mel Gibson Ditches 'Lethal Weapon 5'?

Posted by
Erik Davis on Oct 13th 2008, 1:02PM

Oct 13th 2008, 1:02PM

Casting Bites: Goats, Fame, Ghostbusters, and Agent Crushes

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Monika Bartyzel on Oct 10th 2008, 4:03PM

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TIFF Interview: Don McKellar, Screenwriter and Co-Star of 'Blindness'

Posted by
James Rocchi on Sep 8th 2008, 7:02AM

Sep 8th 2008, 7:02AM

Live from TIFF: 'Blindness' Gets a Major Post-Cannes Reboot

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Kim Voynar on Sep 7th 2008, 7:05AM

Sep 7th 2008, 7:05AM

Shane Black Writing 'Lethal Weapon 5'?

Posted by
Elisabeth Rappe on Aug 7th 2008, 5:03AM

Aug 7th 2008, 5:03AM

New 'Blindness' Trailer Online

Posted by
William Goss on Jul 3rd 2008, 5:02AM

Jul 3rd 2008, 5:02AM

EXCLUSIVE: 'Blindness' Poster Premiere!

Posted by
Erik Davis on Jun 30th 2008, 11:32AM

Jun 30th 2008, 11:32AM

More Casting for Roland Emmerich's '2012'

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Jessica Barnes on Jun 2nd 2008, 1:02PM

Jun 2nd 2008, 1:02PM

Cannes 2008: 'Blindness' Roundtable Interviews

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Kim Voynar on May 19th 2008, 2:08PM

May 19th 2008, 2:08PM

Live from Cannes: Jack Black and a Little 'Blindness' Never Hurt Anyone

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Kim Voynar on May 14th 2008, 9:32AM

May 14th 2008, 9:32AM

Cannes Review: Blindness

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May 14th 2008, 8:02AM

Alpha, Omega, and Actors from Justin Long to Dennis Hopper

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Monika Bartyzel on Apr 4th 2008, 3:32PM

Apr 4th 2008, 3:32PM

Retro Cinema: Lethal Weapon

Posted by
Ryan Stewart on Dec 16th 2007, 2:02PM

Dec 16th 2007, 2:02PM

The Screens Will See 'A People's History'

Posted by
Monika Bartyzel on Dec 11th 2007, 2:32PM

Dec 11th 2007, 2:32PM

The First Poster for 'Be Kind Rewind'

Posted by
Jessica Barnes on Dec 3rd 2007, 2:02PM

Dec 3rd 2007, 2:02PM


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