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'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind': 25 Things You Don't Know About the Mind-Bending Romance

Posted by
Gary Susman on Mar 18th 2014, 8:00AM

Mar 18th 2014, 8:00AM

Michel Gondry's 'Taxi Driver': The Director's Lo-Fi Look at Travis Bickle

Posted by
Moviefone Staff on Dec 16th 2011, 5:20AM

Dec 16th 2011, 5:20AM

Quick Hits: New 'Fast Five' Trailer; French 'Thor' Trailer

Posted by
Peter Hall on Mar 8th 2011, 10:30AM

Mar 8th 2011, 10:30AM

Michel Gondry Returns to Weirdness for Philip K. Dick's 'Ubik'

Posted by
Monika Bartyzel on Feb 16th 2011, 8:10AM

Feb 16th 2011, 8:10AM

Framed: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Posted by
Alison Nastasi on Jan 27th 2011, 4:30PM

Jan 27th 2011, 4:30PM

'The Green Hornet' Review: Odd, Ambitious and Pretty Great in 3D

Posted by
Todd Gilchrist on Jan 12th 2011, 4:30PM

Jan 12th 2011, 4:30PM

Scenes We Love: 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'

Posted by
Marina Zogbi on Jan 11th 2011, 4:00PM

Jan 11th 2011, 4:00PM

The Week In Geek: Six Things You Might Not Know About 'The Green Hornet'

Posted by
John Gholson on Jan 11th 2011, 7:00AM

Jan 11th 2011, 7:00AM

Howard Replaces Elfman for 'Green Hornet' Score

Posted by
Alison Nastasi on Aug 3rd 2010, 4:15PM

Aug 3rd 2010, 4:15PM

15 Things We Learned on the Set of 'The Green Hornet'

Posted by
Maggie Furlong on Jul 19th 2010, 12:45PM

Jul 19th 2010, 12:45PM

Watch This: Bruce Lee's 'Green Hornet' Screen Test

Posted by
Simon Abrams on Jun 23rd 2010, 7:05AM

Jun 23rd 2010, 7:05AM

'The Green Hornet' Trailer Buzzes Online

Posted by
Elisabeth Rappe on Jun 22nd 2010, 4:02AM

Jun 22nd 2010, 4:02AM

'Green Hornet' Trailer Debuts on an Historic 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' ... Almost

Posted by
Jenna Busch on Jun 21st 2010, 9:48PM

Jun 21st 2010, 9:48PM

Seth Rogen Rescues L.A. From Corruption in New 'Green Hornet' Trailer

Posted by
Mike Scalise on Jun 21st 2010, 9:00PM

Jun 21st 2010, 9:00PM

First 'Green Hornet' Images; Trailer to Arrive at Midnight

Posted by
Elisabeth Rappe on Jun 21st 2010, 10:18AM

Jun 21st 2010, 10:18AM

'Green Hornet' Trailer to Debut June 21 on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Posted by
Bryan Enk on Jun 10th 2010, 6:45AM

Jun 10th 2010, 6:45AM

'Green Hornet' Moves to 2011; Both 'Hornet' and 'Last Airbender' Being Converted to 3-D

Posted by
William Goss on Apr 22nd 2010, 4:32PM

Apr 22nd 2010, 4:32PM

Cinematical Seven: The Art of the Poop Joke

Posted by
Jen Yamato on Apr 13th 2010, 6:45PM

Apr 13th 2010, 6:45PM

(The New) Trailer Park: Scott Pilgrim vs. World Cinema

Posted by
Christopher Campbell on Mar 26th 2010, 4:02PM

Mar 26th 2010, 4:02PM

SXSW Review: The Thorn in the Heart

Posted by
Todd Gilchrist on Mar 23rd 2010, 2:02PM

Mar 23rd 2010, 2:02PM

SXSW in 60 Seconds: Monday, March 15, 2010

Posted by
Christopher Campbell on Mar 16th 2010, 5:03AM

Mar 16th 2010, 5:03AM

Michel Gondry, Ellen Page, and Two Sci-Fi Features

Posted by
Monika Bartyzel on Mar 15th 2010, 11:02AM

Mar 15th 2010, 11:02AM

SXSW 2010 Announces Its Panels

Posted by
William Goss on Feb 10th 2010, 3:32AM

Feb 10th 2010, 3:32AM

Paddington Bear Meets Mighty Boosh?

Posted by
Christopher Campbell on Jan 9th 2010, 4:02AM

Jan 9th 2010, 4:02AM

The Best of the Decade: Breakthroughs

Posted by
Todd Gilchrist on Dec 31st 2009, 9:02AM

Dec 31st 2009, 9:02AM

First Look at Seth Rogen's 'Green Hornet' Costume

Posted by
Eric D. Snider on Sep 30th 2009, 3:50PM

Sep 30th 2009, 3:50PM

Nic Cage Ditches 'Green Hornet' Because It Lacked Humanity

Posted by
Jenni Miller on Sep 17th 2009, 12:15PM

Sep 17th 2009, 12:15PM

'Basterds' Baddie to Replace Nic Cage in 'Green Hornet'?

Posted by
William Goss on Sep 14th 2009, 9:05AM

Sep 14th 2009, 9:05AM

Release Date Shuffle: 'Hornet' Moves to Next December, 'Lying' to This October

Posted by
William Goss on Aug 30th 2009, 7:02AM

Aug 30th 2009, 7:02AM

Scenes We Love: Dave Chappelle's Block Party

Posted by
Jessica Barnes on Aug 18th 2009, 3:03PM

Aug 18th 2009, 3:03PM

'The Green Hornet' Has a New Kato

Posted by
Elisabeth Rappe on Aug 8th 2009, 11:03AM

Aug 8th 2009, 11:03AM

SDCC: Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg Unveil 'The Green Hornet's' Car

Posted by
Kevin Kelly on Jul 23rd 2009, 9:45AM

Jul 23rd 2009, 9:45AM

SDCC: The Michel Gondry Green Hornet Rap Spectacular

Posted by
Sci-Fi Squad Staff on Jul 23rd 2009, 8:02AM

Jul 23rd 2009, 8:02AM

SDCC: Michel Gondry Raps About The Green Hornet

Posted by
Kevin Kelly on Jul 23rd 2009, 6:45AM

Jul 23rd 2009, 6:45AM

Geek Daily: The Woes of Green Hornet, Green Lantern, Spider-Man 4

Posted by
Elisabeth Rappe on Jul 9th 2009, 8:02AM

Jul 9th 2009, 8:02AM

Indie Roundup: Gondry's Aunt, Jessica Biel's 'Easy Virtue,' French 'Summer'

Posted by
Peter Martin on May 27th 2009, 4:16PM

May 27th 2009, 4:16PM

News Bites: How Gondry Got the 'Hornet,' 'Moms on Mars', 'Vampire Diaries' and More

Posted by
Monika Bartyzel on Mar 2nd 2009, 8:03AM

Mar 2nd 2009, 8:03AM

Stories I Don't Believe: A 'Total Recall' Remake?

Posted by
Eugene Novikov on Feb 26th 2009, 4:03AM

Feb 26th 2009, 4:03AM

Movie News Daily: Feb. 25, 2009

Posted by
Thomas DiChiara on Feb 25th 2009, 7:00AM

Feb 25th 2009, 7:00AM

Cinematical Seven: From Music Videos to the Big Screen

Posted by
Monika Bartyzel on Feb 24th 2009, 5:02PM

Feb 24th 2009, 5:02PM


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