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  • August 21, 2011 Paul
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    I’ve always been surprised this movie wasn’t more liked by critics. But when one critic doesn’t like a movie, all others can’t like it. For critics, they all have to stick together. But in secret, I’ll bet a bunch of critics loved. Mr. Brooks is well thought out evil. They say there were too many subplots. Excuse me, but there are only two subplots, and both lead to the climax and conclusion of the movie. I saw it for the first time on DVD, and absolutely loved it. So after seeing it, I bought it. Not one of the best movies ever, but definitely the most bizarre. Yet, nobody would have trouble following ********** just the idea of what’s going on, makes your skin curl. I know many cable stations, would not show this, (I’m not going to give the movie away) because of the idea, and the tool he uses to break into houses. Because of both, now the only place you can see it is on stations that edit it. When a movie is wild enough for regular movie stations to ban it that speaks pretty loud. This movi

  • April 14, 2010 ferniedog2u
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    Mr. Brooks was and still is a very interesting and unique thriller in my opinion. While outlandish in some regards and scary realistic in others I found the balance between the two was well placed by director Bruce Evans. Sometimes the fiercest criminals are the ones we do not know about and Kevin Costner does well to convey internal conflict with his sadistic addiction. William Hurt exceeds in playing the demon alter ego that encourages murder and the subplots of the film actually made this thriller of a movie even more intense to warrant at least a second watch. Great film and a personal favorite of the genre.

  • May 22, 2008 gatazeloza68
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    I loved Mr.Brooks ,the truth is that mr.brooks was different and what makes it scary is that we all know that there are people just like him out there...and he never got caught in any other movie he would of died, gotten killed by mr.smith the cops or his daugther but he didnt... but you know what i sit here proud of the fact that i saw this movie four times and ill watch it again ...ICE BERG OF DIFFERENCES...we all think act and express our selfs differently...and personally love this movie and give it FIVE STARS*****