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  • February 20, 2013 bf00000000139034
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    I was Benjamin\'s lover in the early years and being a working musician, myself, I encouraged B.\'s art. not only was he a great musicain with more insight than most, but he was also a great pin and ink artist (Picaso-est). I love him then and I still love him now. I\'d like to leave you with my tribut to him. \"I look out the same window that I have peered through for years and somehow the sky is not so blue today. I am not at all sure that the mountains have not given themselves to shrinking. I am not at all sure that nature has not stopped her steady stream of goings and comings. Today, I have the knowledge that you are no longer here, physically. Today I am not at all sure of myself; numb. My only thoughts are of you; what you were and what you became. I remember the piercing gaze in your eyes, constantly looking for that next thing to spark your interest; ever thing; ever moving through a world of your own creation that some of us were, from time to time, invited to visit. And I rememvber your heart - room enough for everyone. Like a flood things come to mind that have not made themselves known for years; feelings, thoughts, beliefs and even some regrets. you did your dance of life and you had no care as to whom, if anyone, danced along with you. Total freedom, surrendering only to the muse, you became what most of us, as artist strive to be; gut honest, open, raw, blunt. DANCE ON YOU BEAUTIFUL SPARTAN CHILD!! I LOVE YOU STILL, B. JIMI C