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  • Murky and grainy, and showing human beings at their grimmest - thievery, rape, betrayal, murder - Blindness is no barrel of laughs. But it IS a barrel of pretentious metaphorical musings. show more

  • Blindness is provocative cinema. But it also is predictable cinema: It startles but does not surprise. show more

  • Moore is always watchable, Ruffalo and Bernal get a nice rivalry going without ever establishing eye contact (as it were), and Danny Glover has some nice moments in an underdeveloped part as an older man who finds, to his benefit, that love is blind. show more

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  • August 11, 2009 KristyandJay
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    We both watched this movie and it was very long and boring. But on the other hand you had to watch it so you could see what happened in the end. We would ********* this moive again and thought it was a waste of 2 hours.

  • April 19, 2009 Imthdragon1976
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    This movie sucked. I give it -5 stars for cohesive logic alone. FIrst of all too many assumptions are made about how instantly blind people will react. I think humans are and will adapt quicker than they are given credit for. Like people don't have a good sense of hearing or smell or sense of touch. We adapt to other senses much quicker than that. Also, I think there are too many assumption about the fears of such a disease and how coldly we will react to it shunning them to such a way. (if that what it is, since the movie did a terrible job of explaining it or good job of obscuring the cause(one of those things we will never know?)). There is a terrible sense of logical chronological order of events. (Another intended effect of blindness?) (I disagree because we can still feel the sun and coldness of night and as a group would could keep track of days gone by) When you watch the timeline of much time has passed certain things don't happen at the right rate (i.e. no one growing a beard after a week or two) A truck smoking as if just crashed but the city total chaos as if it had been much longer. What of deaf or other disabled people who are suddenly blind too? Then you have double disability. The director / writer needs a serious lesson in reality and more research into the lives of disabled people like this which they don't seemselves as disabled anymore because they have adapted and it is a way of life for them. Even recently or instantly disabled persons will have to adapt if they have a passion for life like most people do. The instinct for survival, alone and as a civilization, is much stronger than the movie gives us and it credit for.

  • October 22, 2008 ToneB94
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    This is a film version of a book. My experience has shown me that most movies do not even compare to the rich detail or character development that goes into the book that they were based on. Most of these commebts and reviews that i have read just lead me to believe that no one who watched this movie had previously read the book. Otherwise you would have been a bit more prepared for what the movie contained.