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  • One caveat: The film has more blood-splatter than a dozen zombie movies. If you can handle that, Doomsday's drunken mash-up of futuristic and feudal is surprisingly satisfying. show more

  • Mitra, clad in the requisite tight, sexy outfits, conveys a suitable toughness but little in the way of personality, while such distinguished British actors as Bob Hoskins and Adrian Lester dutifully show up to collect their paychecks. show more

  • Marshall reveals himself to be a terrific showman of chaos and comic savagery. This is Baz Luhrmann's "Mad Max." show more

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  • August 20, 2008 monster
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    Awesome! anyone older than 30 will appreciate this alot more. Remeniscient of all the sci fi action films of the eighties and seventies. What a great producer

  • May 22, 2008 greyplasticduck
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    there is like 4 films in this movie. starts off serious then goes on to a comic ridiculous scene of a bunch of savage punks singing and eating people then goes to a cheese medieval time then an action cheesy american resident evil part. so many ideas put straight into the film with out backing them up with a proper story line and emotional connections between characters no reasons for the ideas he puts in.its like reading the news with out the commentators

  • May 22, 2008 jcole123456789
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    This is one of the worst movies ever next to Howard the Duck. Some movies are so bad they're funny, this one is so bad it pi$$es you off. Nothing makes any sense in this movie. This movie is a cheap spin on movies like Mad Max, Escape from NY, 28 Days, and Cyborg with Jean Claud. If you just want to see an angry movie with no likeable characters, especially the protagonist who is just an angry girl with no sense, or maybe if you're just mad at the government go watch this - it has all the worst cliches you can imagine. If the directer took it a bit farther with the stupid humor and did a little character development and maybe some female nudity I might rate this a little higher as a black humor movie, but it fails even that mark. Some people in the theater laughed when she clicked the car alarm and the busted rear view mirror dropped, sorry that's just not funny, it's not dumb humor or bad humor, it's just not worth watching and should have been edited out. There are other scenes where people get run over and pop like zits, but I didn't see much humor in that either. I did like the props and costumes of the punk anarchists but other than that I couldn't get past the lack of thought that went into the making of this movie: stupid, stupid, stupid. Save your money.